So, you’ve identified your website visitors with GatorLeads…what’s next?

You’ve got website visitors! But what do you do with them? Find out the key steps to take once you’ve seen a company browsing your website.

Don’t panic! It’s simple to successfully connect with each lead and develop a good sales journey with them if you know what to do. Use these 5 best practices to make sure each website lead is moving through your pipeline efficiently and effectively.

Hot leads: Call them!

Engage with the website visitors that are showing buying behaviour. If they have been active on the website and have downloaded guides, joined events and taken a look at your pricing pages, it’s likely they are interested in working with you. By getting in touch with these leads the minute they become ‘hot’, you can ensure that they have everything they need to follow through with their buyer journey.

Almost-hot leads: Tell them that you have seen them on your website

It may seem strange initially, but tell them that you have seen them on your website! By getting in contact as soon as you have seen them on the website, you’ll show your website visitors that you are a proactive business and stick out as a fresh business in their mind. Research has found that 83% of people respond well to this as lead generation software becomes more common.

Warm leads: Add them to an auto-nurture campaign

Use lead scoring to identify who is a warm or a cold lead and then add them to an auto-nurture campaign based on their score. This will allow you to send them relevant content easily and efficiently without your sales team having to warm them up. It will also allow you to develop a healthy buyer journey with them until they are ready to arrange a meeting. By segmenting your cold and warm leads out, you can figure out who need more nurturing to help to turn them into hotter leads for your sales team.

Lukewarm leads: Track what they’re interested in

When they’re on the website, track what they are looking at with web visitor tracking so that you can identify which auto-nurture campaign they should be added to. If they’ve only made a few touch-points they may still be pretty cold, so you might just want to send them into an introduction stream. For slightly warmer leads, you might want to send them through an auto-nurture stream that is designed to convince them you are the right business for them. By making your move at the right time, you can guarantee that the lead is going to be receptive to you.

Cold leads: Send them relevant content

For companies who seem to be perusing your website, but don’t seem convinced enough to fill out a form and get in contact, you should try sending them relevant content. By getting in contact directly with their email address on GatorLeads and sending them whitepapers or guides that are based on topics they’ve been interacting with, you can provide them with helpful information and also show them that you have all the answers to the questions they’ve been having.

So, what are you waiting for? Next time you see a prospect browsing your site, consider these tips to turn them into a great new connection. If you need any more information, why not watch our webinar on what to do with the leads on your website?

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