SMS marketing is a popular yet massively underrated method of notifying consumers of special offers, according to a new poll.

Figures gathered by have suggested that two-thirds of consumers are happy to be notified of offers via text message and three quarters of smartphone users would prefer this method to email.

Yet, despite these encouraging figures, CEO Brandon K. Gaille has suggested that only one per cent of his clients were using SMS marketing software to their advantage.

Speaking to, he explained: “Only about 1 in 100 of our clients use SMS marketing as opposed to 90 per cent of them using email marketing.”

However, Gaille went on to explain that the scarceness of SMS marketing messages could be what is making them so popular with consumers.

He said: “This low penetration has led to cell phone owners only occasionally receiving offers via SMS text messaging. This is the primary reason for SMS being the most effective mobile marketing medium for eliciting consumer response.”

Gaille’s opinions were backed up by the poll, which suggested that 83 per cent of consumers would prefer to receive no more than two SMS marketing messages a month.

Adding to the debate, marketing journalist Susan Genelius added that a lot of SMS marketing subscribers are fond of the medium because it is so brief and focused. In a recent article for, she claimed that connecting with customers on-the-go is “more important than ever.”