Whilst Christmas is a time for frugal buying and generous spending, B2B salespeople tend to see a slump in their profits at this time, as well as a slump in their morale. People are often out of the office on holiday, winding down before the new year or just MIA for various festive reasons. But just because sales are slowing down, it doesn’t mean you can’t be productive. By boosting morale within your sales team you will be maximising productivity.

Create a Christmas contest

A tried and tested way of getting your sales team to work harder could be as easy as setting up a contest. Perhaps the 12 days of Christmas with different goals for each day? People can be easily motivated by contests that offer small rewards and they will find the competition and camaraderie between colleagues an incentive too.

Celebrate and motivate

A great way of boosting your sales team can be as simple as being positive and appreciating the small things your team do. Studies have found that people who feel appreciated at work take more pride in their jobs and work harder. A little boost in appreciation of one’s professional development goes a long way. Because Christmas can be one of the quietest sales times for B2B, this motivation is even more critical. Keep note of individuals and team progress and be sure to celebrate each person’s professional improvements.

Set your sights on the New Year

Implementing objectives for the team as a unit and separate goals for individuals will help to maintain motivation and give your team a sense of direction as the year starts to wind down. Give them aims and objectives to end the year on, as well as ideas about what they need to focus on and look forward to in the coming year. Christmas is the ideal time to do all that sales admin and make sure your pipeline is clean and up-to-date.

Don’t let the Christmas crash affect your sales team this year. By promoting productivity you can be sure to end the year on a strong note. If you need more tips on how to boost sales the whole year round, read our whitepaper on how to build an overperforming sales team. 

Once you’ve perfected your sales team, why not use this invaluable resource to help build your own B2B lead machine?