The Role of the Sales Team

In the B2B marketplace, sales teams are commonplace. They identify, contact and nurture leads until they are ready to buy. But with businesses putting ever more content on the internet to promote their business and products, how essential are they for B2B buyers?

Conducting your own research into a product is easy to complete, with market comparisons obvious at a glance. A simple Google search will show you a range of options that you could go with. Alongside all the information on what they are, how to use them, and why you should go with it. So, where’s the incentive to actually talk to a sales rep?

The Peoples Preferences

As it turns out, people like talking to Sales teams before committing to a purchase. 38% of B2B buyers said they preferred to interact with a sales rep then do their own research, and 32% preferred a combination of the two. By discussing directly with a sales team member about the product, leads can gather a more in-depth insight into what it can offer, as well as how they compare to their competitors. All useful information before making a purchase.

In fact, 56% of respondents said they would like a sales rep to answer their questions about a product. That’s over half of B2B buyers. Anything not covered by your companies website, they can get clarity on.

Understandable Explanations

How often have you read a website, and thought ‘that doesn’t exactly make sense’? At least once? By speaking with a sales rep, leads can get their queries answered in a way that makes sense, with clarification until it satisfies their needs. 60% of C-Level executives say that not understanding sales content slows down their purchase choices. A sales team member can eliminate this insecurity, to bolster sales at a more rapid pace.

Adaptable to Every Prospect

Not only can a sales team member answer any questions about the product, but they can help a buyer tailor it to their needs. With their expert knowledge on the product, they can provide an individual solution to suit every buyer’s exact requirements.

How CommuniGator Improves Preparation

From B2B buyer feedback, it appears that sales teams remain an integral part of the buyer journey, providing a vital part in boosting purchase orders. CommuniGator can help prepare the salesperson for the inevitable questions which may be posed during these interactions.

IP Tracking: Knowing who has visited your site and what pages they have visited will allow every sales pitch and consultation to be tailored to your prospects interests. This allows you to come across as knowledgeable and informed about your prospect’s requirements. You can prepare an answer to the questions most likely to come up, in advance of them actually being asked.

Company Data: Our integration with Zoom Info allows us to provide information on those companies visiting your website. Before even contacting your leads, you can profile them to know company size, key players and revenue. Identify if the company is a good fit for YOU.

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