Ramping up your marketing automation campaigns!

So you’ve been using marketing automation for some time, and now you are ready to ramp it up. We often tell you about simple ways to get started, but what about those of you who are looking to move up a set? Look no further, here are our top examples of stellar marketing automation campaigns.

Jelf: Contract Renewal Series

Most our customers are B2B, meaning there are lots of contracts and subscriptions involved. Jelf were a customer of ours, and are an independent insurance broker and financial consultant. They had plenty of renewals to be contending with, so much so, they have a team dedicated to it.

We worked together to help them build a workflow that would automatically check their customer’s renewal date. pulled in from their CRM, and trigger campaigns at specified times. From there, they had certain campaigns to not only remind them of their contract renewal dates but encourage them to continue.

Since implementing the workflow, Jelf reported improved rates of retention and profitability! In addition to this, their marketing team and customer advisors no longer needed to manually feed these customers into manual campaigns, meaning they have more time to focus on other activities.

CommuniGator: Lead generation nurture series

We love a good lead nurture campaign here; you probably know this by now! Jessica Brick, our senior marketing co-ordinator who focuses on our new business development dreamed up a fantastic series of campaigns that have delivered some serious results.

Now, you’ve probably heard us harp on about our Discover, Consider, Decide structure to nurture leads. But let me tell you, it works:

“This workflow targets and nurtures our colder leads while we focus on other targeted and tactical campaigns. In just six months this workflow generated 12% of our sales which was more than £37,000 of annual revenue!
– Jessica Brick

Enough said? I think so!

iCare Health’s Customer Journey

This workflow won Best Customer Journey at our Customer Conference in 2016, so we clearly think it’s pretty sweet. Virginia Simpson, marketing manager at iCare health, explains:

“We wanted to create automated emails which would help us to tell the story we wanted to take people on, leveraging our existing marketing collateral as well as saving us time and effort by automating this journey where possible…

It’s all about providing our customers with opportunities – we send them useful, relevant content which tells our story and helps the customer decide on the solutions which are most appropriate for them.”

Find out what they did here.

CommuniGator: Customer Newsletter

So much more than a simple chain of newsletters, this workflow is a bit of a monster. I built this in November 2016, and since then the customer marketing team have saved 4 hours a week and increased click through rates from an average of 2% to a respective average of 20%.

It’s more straightforward than it looks. Acknowledging our four core topics: email marketing, marketing automation, lead generation and GDPR, the workflow delivers campaigns to customers based on what they interact with, tailoring the duration between campaigns to the frequency of their engagement. So if one customer regularly clicks on emails, they’ll receive a weekly newsletter, and if they’re less regular, it’ll be delivered monthly.

Discover the full in’s and out’s of it here or if you prefer videos, watch this webinar recording about it.

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