Last week in the digital world we looked at how billboards can be both an educational experience and combat global health emergencies, ReturnPath taught us about how poor deliverability could cause negative sender reputation, we also learnt about vending machine book shops, and high performance computers on wheels! Phew! What’s happening this week?

New Ebook alert!

Every email marketer knows that to drive ROI they must boost their email marketing list, but there are many challenges including spam folders, complaints, negative SRD feedback, and list hygiene to consider – so how can we overcome these issues whilst building our lists? This new ebook might have the answers!

Safety concerns over smart device addictions

Some smart cookies in Germany have created pavement traffic lights so that smart phone users don’t have to look up from their devices to walk across the street! It’s a crazy, crazy world… find out more here.

Generations of consumers

The latest generation are also the biggest generation, and millennials also LOVE email! Come 2017, they will be the biggest group with the most spending power on the internet – so there is a race to understand the market in order to grab a slice of what’s expected to be a million-pound pie! Do you understand millennials as well as you should?

Look into our crystal ball

Real-time data, data connected to anything and everything, actionable vs. big… It’s safe to say data is everywhere and most of us need to know where all this big data is heading! For marketers, it’s critical to know what lies ahead, so this article from Clickz will be invaluable reading for marketers everywhere.

Stay tuned for more digital news and reviews next week. Until next time, folks.


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Head of Marketing

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