Last week we went crazy for Easter introducing you to apps, egg-citing developments in the digital world, we hopped into virtual reality and went on a gadget-driven Easter egg hunt! Now the chocolate has been devoured, let’s get to business.

Supply and demand

The internet, digitalisation and other major changes brought about from technology are rapidly transforming a host of industries, including financial services. This opens up the industry to a range of new competitors and services, causing upheaval throughout financial services and reshaping the face of the industry.

Yahoo steps up

Yahoo has always been a major player in email authentication, and they continue to drive the industry forward by developing 62 new DMARC policies to protect their customers quicker then their competitors. These policies will prevent phishers and spammers from using 62 international domains to impersonate Yahoo when attacking consumers.

Happy 15th Birthday AdWords!

AdWords was last re-designed in 2008, so it’s overdue a bit of a revamp. Google have been working on the latest version to make it mobile-friendly, more intuitive, and with a simpler interface. Take a sneak peak at the new design here.

Automatic ad buying

Algorithmic software can automate the buying, placement and optimisation of media bidding, buying, and marketing, and spending in this department is set to double from $10.1B by the end of this year. As marketers continue to embrace the benefits of programmatic, let’s find out what the next big trends for programmatic are.

Whew! We hope you enjoyed your whistle-stop tour of the latest digital developments. Stay tuned for more the same time next week.


Komal Helyer
Head of Marketing

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