Last week we went green for St Patrick’s Day with digital mind control, lessons in feedback, Twitter’s new Windows 10 launch and tax breaks for digital businesses. We know the weather over the Easter bank holiday isn’t up to much, so our digital round up will be a ray of information sunshine to keep you smiling all weekend!

‘Appy Easter!

You’ve produced an app, it’s slick, it’s beautiful, it’s bug-free… and it’s not getting noticed! In a saturated market, it can be difficult for your app to stand out from the crowd. Whether your app is for games, news, information or entertainment, there are a range of advertising options out there to help ensure you approach your market in the best manner possible. If you’re struggling to decide between in-app advertisement or a link up via social media, this handy infographic from Smart Insights will help you identify the most effective way to promote your app to potential buyers.

Egg-citing digital developments

It can sometimes be a challenge to keep up with modern developments, as the past decade has brought so much innovation and new technology our heads are still spinning. This article from Network World caught our eye as they predict the future of modern technology and how it could change in the next 10 years. Diversity in the work force, enhanced data encryption, and Big Data getting even bigger, it’s going to be another incredible decade for the techno world.

Hop into virtual reality

The folks over at Forbes have provided us with a tantalising glance at some of the latest wearable technology that was presented earlier this month at the Wearable Technology Show in London. From augmented reality headsets, headphones that trick the vestibular system to reduce VR motion sickness and in-car interfaces to interact with smart home devices, the future of wearable technology is looking bright!

A thoroughly modern Easter…

In a sign of the times, the traditional Easter egg hunt has embraced modern technology, as children in Kansas utilised GPS devices to help them locate their goodies. Too much tech, or a modern twist on a traditional pastime? You decide!

Wishing you all a very enjoyable Easter holiday, if you need us, we’ll be tucking into a small mountain of chocolate! Until next time, our digital round-up friends.


Komal Helyer
Head of Marketing

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