Last week we vogued, saw the future of broadband, found out why technology has become too smart, mousejacked your PC, and inspected some bugs… Not sure what we are talking about? Click here! Yesterday was National Book Day, so we thought we’d have a book-themed digital round-up this week!

The elixir of life

Do you want to know the secret to a long life? Join a book club! According to a study published this week in the British Medical Journal, social group memberships in retirement can reduce the risk of premature death. Just another reason to grab a book and a friend, and begin reading! In case you can’t commit to weekly meetings, you’re a hermit or are unable to leave the house, here’s a list of online book clubs from that you can join from the comfort of your own home.

…Speaking of online book clubs. WHSmith have teamed up with Grazia’s “most influential woman of the decade” vlogger Zoella (Zoe Sugg) to launch their own exclusive book club together.

Is tech damaging our attention span?

The BBC have denounced the digital age as ‘The age of distraction’ and it’s… Oops, sorry! Facebook notification. I’m back now. Oooh look, a new cat video on Youtube! Seriously though, check out how and why information overload has produced a generation of tech-addicted teens, as well as a few top tips on how to avoid distraction getting the better of you at work.

Are you worried about your children’s digital reading?

The latest BookTrust Survey reveals worries about young people’s screen time and how the allure of the ebook is causing parents concern. Read more about the survey and find out why eBook sales have fallen for the first time by 2.4% in 2015. Whilst technology is now an everyday part of modern life, it appears the sanctity of the (printed) written word remains as strong as ever.

World Book Day 2016 smashes Guinness World Record

Every year World Book Day engages all ages to celebrate books! Today they announced they have broken a Guinness World Record for number of people participating in a book quiz, with over 6,388 children and adults participating to beat the previous record of 2,679!

That’s it from us for this week; we’ll see you next time for another digital round-up! Until then, pick up a book and settle down to enjoy World Book Day, even if it is a day late!

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