Last week we entertained you with news from mobile marketing, #RIPTwitter, Flash and Valentines day. This week in the digital world we bring you…

A giant Leap for virtual reality

Leap Motion has hardly been the big seller the company dreamed it would be, but their new Orion software could be the big hit the team needed. This technology integrates with virtual reality environments, allowing reconstruction of entire hands without a reliance on impractical controllers. This is likely to excite gamers, as the world of virtual reality becomes ever more innovative.

The fight against phishing

ReturnPath have recently released their annual Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance report, analysing the adoption of their email authentication protocol across 1000 brands in 33 countries. Don’t have time to read the full report? They’ve kindly summed up five key findings from the research with some concerning revelations about the adoption of this powerful tool that helps combat phishing and spoofing. Pop on over to their blog and read the summarised report here.

A smack on the wrist for Distinctive Assets

As anyone in marketing knows, copyright infringement is a big deal, so it is no surprise that marketing company Distinctive Assets have come under fire for misrepresenting an association with The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with their “Oscars Goody Bags” and now find themselves facing a potentially hefty lawsuit from The Academy. Whilst the Oscars can be a useful event to piggy-back off, and we’d expect a number of brands and companies to be basing their campaigns around this event, it is important not to mislead or misrepresent for fear of falling foul of the same mistake Distinctive Assets have made.

Apple takes on the FBI

We couldn’t NOT mention this one, as it has attracted such an enormous degree of international attention. Should Apple be forced to alter a System Information File on San Bernadino killer, Syed Farook’s, iPhone? Is it a matter of national security? Is it an invasion of human rights? Does it set a dangerous precedent that, as some have said, puts “our freedom and our liberty” at stake? Where cyber security remains a matter of critical international importance, this court case is sure to be both divisive and captivating in equal measures.

Preparing for lift-off

On a more positive note following our #RIPTwitter round-up last week, Twitter’s Flight School has been reviewed by Initially launched for agencies, it has recently been opened up to all marketers, educating marketers on the benefits of Twitter and how to use it to its full potential. Clickz have produced a handy little run-down of the course, with some key findings which are useful for newbie and veteran “Tweeters” alike.

So that’s it! Another week done and dusted, and it’s been a busy one in the technology world. Join us again next week, same time, same place.


Komal Helyer
Head of Marketing

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