It’s that time again! Our last round-up brought you news of the BBC’s meltdown, AVG’s fairly catastrophic malware error and how a Fuji printer became sexy. Here’s the the next instalment of our digital round-up, featuring all the news and developments that have been making headlines so far in 2016.

The Internet of Things is set to break records

It will come as no surprise to hear that the retail revenue from consumer technology is rising and according to new figures from the Consumer Technology Association, revenue is set reach a whopping $287 billion this year. Smart homes, smart phones, wearables, drones and virtual reality headsets are going to represent big bucks in 2016 and onwards. With more connected devices comes more customer data, which is good news for marketing.

The future of Cybersecurity

With all these connected devices, you might be worried about how developers are working to keep your data safe with so many potential cybercrime targets in our homes and lives. ReturnPath have offered a useful insight into their cybersecurity predictions for 2016 in their recent blog. Tightening cybersecurity, combating phishing through proactive defence, it’s an insightful look at how companies will have to adapt to protect both their data and that of their customers.

Big developments in 3D printing technology at CES 2016

3D printers are no longer just for the ultra-high tech, or the ultra-wealthy. At the CES tech show in Las Vegas, Mcor technologies revealed a desktop 3D printer that is small enough to fit in classrooms or offices, and 3D systems demonstrated their model which can print complex objects out of titanium, stainless steel and nickel. Whilst some consider the value and potential for 3D printing to be somewhat overrated, we’re interested to see where this new technology develops.

Farewell to Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10.

It’s the end of a long road for Internet Explorer 8, 9 and 10, which will finally reach ‘end of life’ on January 12th, 2016. This is great news for developers as they step towards an era of not worrying about whether modern CSS will work on their target browsers or not. As the Microsoft steers customers to Edge on Windows 10, Internet Explorer 11 is now the only supported version of their old browsers. Time to upgrade, IE users!

A 10,000 character tweet: Rumour, or reality?

According to the rumour mill, Twitter may be planning a pretty major update by introducing a new character limit for Tweets, taking them from their current limit of 140 characters to a whopping 10,000 characters. This article from gives valuable insight into what this new change could mean for marketers. Is this the end for Twitter as a marketing tool, or is it the beginning of something altogether new and exciting?

That’s it for another week, join us again next time for your weekly dose of digital developments and technology news.


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