We know many of you are still full from festivities, but let’s take a bite out of the digital world and see what we missed in the last two weeks of 2015. Last time, we looked at recycling content that worked, the biggest technology event of 2016, Amazon’s potential need for a spoiler alert and how thermal imaging is coming into its own. Let’s see what’s happened since then!


UK public broadcaster, the BBC, apologised as its internet services are taken down by ‘technical issues’ affecting their website, apps, streaming video and radio services since 7am on December 31st. Over 500 pages were affected by this disruption. What can we learn from this? Make sure your standard error page looks snazzy and avoid website drop-offs by ensuring it takes users back to the homepage.

The height of irony

In a fairly catastrophic error, develop AVG’s free software “Web TuneUp”, which ironically is designed to warn off malware, put millions of Chrome users’ personal data at risk due to a flaw in the software. Find out how a multi-million pound international business could make such a huge mistake here, but will they be able to build customers’ trust in their products again?

Fuji fashion

In an unusual move for a print device company, the team at Fuji Xerox created excitement for their new Versant 2100 printer using a fashion show. Unusual? Yes. Inventive? Definitely! Fuji Xerox successfully generated buzz for what is, in their own words, a “not particularly sexy business”. It shows how even print devices can be exciting if you put the right spin on it!

The most influential people in social media in 2015

From professional gamers, models, actors, musicians and photographers – here are The Independent’s most influential people on social media in 2015. If your business or brand has an influencer why not encourage them to become a ‘personality’, learn how the big-boys do it here!

Frequency matters

This interesting blog from ReturnPath.com caught our eye as it discussed the inevitable barrage of emails most of us receive over the festive period, the importance of reviewing the frequency with which companies should email their clients and why your response rates may be declining. There are three useful top tips in the blog which will be handy for anyone reviewing their email campaign strategies in the New Year.

We hope you all had a fantastic 2015! See you later in the week for the first round up of 2016.


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