Today we are very excited to announce the launch of the Pure360 Marketing Suite, which marks the culmination of a period of product development and market alignment.

The Pure360 Marketing Suite represents a re-alignment and upgrade of our product suite, giving marketers four powerful modules and a strategic framework to improve engagement throughout the customer lifecycle.

Pure360 Marketing Suite

Our Head of Marketing, Komal Helyer, is keen to point out that this is just the beginning of an ongoing product enhancement plan.

“We have been working closely with our client base to develop the Pure360 Marketing Suite so that it helps marketers follow a logical progression through the Email Maturity Model; offering technology that grows with the marketer as their sophistication improves.”

“The Marketing Suite is comprised of four modules that deliver outstanding flexibility, ease of use and return on investment. Our clients who have taken the Pure360 journey are enjoying outstanding results.”

Dave Chaffey, CEO and co-founder of Smart Insights, commends the approach, commenting,

“Digital Marketing Technology offers tremendous potential to deliver more relevant, interactive, responsive and targeted communications to prompt sales. Yet, as someone who has been involved with consulting and training businesses on email marketing for nearly 20 years, I’m shocked to see in our research that, often, businesses are failing to capitalise on this potential of customer lifecycle communications. Instead many businesses are failing to offer their audiences targeted, contextual personalised communications that are integrated with insights from consumer interactions with digital experiences like the website.”

“I believe that to support marketers fully, Integrated Marketing Systems must provide benchmarking and guidance options that make intelligent recommendations on how to design campaigns that work better for prospects and customers and so, improve better commercial returns.”

“I commend the approach used by Pure360 in developing their redesigned Marketing suite. It has the technology to support the customer lifecycle and integrates guidance and maturity benchmarking to actively assist marketers in improving their results from email marketing.”

Four powerful modules

The upgraded Marketing Suite consists of four modules that deliver a complete marketing platform, combining email, SMS, mobile, web and data.

The principal elements of the new Pure360 Marketing Suite include:


Engage audiences and increase ROI by sending targeted, responsive email and SMS campaigns.


Grow your database and increase customer loyalty through viral campaigns and contests.


Dramatically increase sales and improve relevancy through automated product and behaviour based re-targeting campaigns.


Consolidate data sources into a single customer view to send highly targeted campaigns.

It also offers the capability for seamless integration with best-of-breed CRM and e-commerce apps, including Magento, MS Dynamics, Google, and many others.

Outstanding success

Speaking at the launch Komal pointed out that for many marketers, technology is not enough for them to achieve their objectives.

“Very often marketers are aware of the strategy and methods that they should be deploying, however there is a significant disconnect between this awareness and their capability.”

“We are aiming to simplify marketing, by combining a powerful technology suite alongside a strategic Maturity Model and Best Practice Framework, delivered through dedicated account management”

“Using this combination, our clients are enjoying dramatic boosts to their success; 54% increase in sign ups, 22% increase in sales values through recovered baskets, increases in sign ups that run into the thousands, and above all a massive drop in unsubscribes. All the critical elements of successful campaigns.”

Phillippa Meacham, Digital Sales & Marketing Executive for Marketing Cheshire, has been trialling the newest element of the suite, PurePromotions, with excellent results.

“We’ve had almost 2,000 new registrations from a single promotion, and now run campaigns that regularly produce over twelve hundred new subscribers each month.” She also believes that this typifies the company’s approach to product development. “Pure360 takes time to understand its customers’ priorities and comes up with ideas that we can use to improve the effectiveness of our email marketing”.

If you would like more information, head to our dedicated Marketing Suite page.