…as it supports marketers through the first year of COVID-19 in 2020.

Pure360, a leading AI Marketing Automation Platform and Strategic Services business, is proud to report a year on year increase in new business revenue of 118% at the end of 2020, as it continues to deliver better results for its customers.

COVID-19 represents a catalyst for rapid digital transformation. Businesses who previously spent years considering transformation are now moving faster than ever. The need for marketers to deliver hyper personalised, automated digital communications through email, web and mobile has never been so crucial. As well as the need to deliver better results, fast.

In 2020, Pure360 quickly mobilised to leverage its email marketing technology and expertise to support the changing needs of the marketer, with most marketers also needing strategic and tactical guidance from partners to help them through unprecedented times.

The introduction of Pure360’s Analytics services has enabled its clients to deeper understand key customer behavioural models, which have been proven to disrupt the way the client thinks about its consumer. Armed with this data-led insight, Pure360’s customer success teams work with clients to create better targeted and personalised cross channel campaigns across the customer lifecycle. These campaigns not only delights the customer, but also significantly increases results and revenues for the business.

Pure360’s unrivalled combination of leading technology and data-driven strategic support, together with its alignment to businesses requirements, has led to an increase in appetite for its solutions. They have won new clients across eCommerce, Publishing, Finance, FMCG, Travel and many more. 

Pure360’s other key achievements in 2020 include:

Mark Ash, CEO @ Pure360, says “We are extremely proud of our sales performance and the hard work that our team puts in to deliver a solution that meets the needs of marketers who are coming through some of the most challenging times.

It’s a testament to the appetite for the Pure360 approach that is entirely focused on driving better marketing performance and delivering tangible value that ultimately increases the marketers’ bottom line. However, this is just the start of a journey. We are looking forward to a number of future innovations and service enhancements to our solution over the coming year that will enable customers to build on their investment and realise even further ROI improvements in the marketing performance with us.”

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