3 PPC Campaigns You Should Be Running in 2018

In a small B2B world, marketing can be an uphill struggle. Your budget is small, but your sales team are hungry. And on the brink of getting hangry. Here are 3 PPC campaigns you can implement on a small budget to increase conversions and improve your pipeline.

1.Target Your Competitors

Staying ahead of the competition is every sales and marketing team’s biggest challenge. Targeting your competitor users at the right time, creating content and material around why you are bigger and better than your competitors, spying on competitors to ensure what you are offering blows them out of the water. It’s exhausting business. But it doesn’t stop there. Running PPC campaigns to target your competitors is one of the most intelligent ways to target your competitor users in real time.

It allows your prospects to come to you when the time is right, they set the pace and you avoid hounding them and scaring them off. Bid on your competitor brand names and competitor name ‘alternatives’. Congratulations, you just stole a potential customer!

Most companies don’t actually bid on their own company names but instead focus on their products, services and competitors. Samsung ran a competitive PPC ad against the iPhone 6s a while back, and personally, I think it’s genius and hilarious!

2. Hit The Spot

What is your company’s strapline? Think about when you are in a pub with friends or at a family wedding and the question comes up; “what does your company do?” What’s the one-liner you use to explain how your business does what it does? Tricky I know. To fit it all in one mouthful. Find it and use it in your PPC campaigns. Bid on phrases that are relevant to your company’s services and offerings, do some research with your current client base and identify the pain points you solved for them, how you made their life easier, what was the sole reason they came to you in the first place.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes; when was the last time you needed to renew your phone contract or house insurance? What was it that you typed into google? Use this as your PPC campaign search term. After all, it’s the bread and butter to your business, and, providing it’s not too niche, you will hit enough relevant searches to reap the rewards.

3. Break It Down

The key to PPC success is not to be too broad. I’m sure there are a number of different industries you work with, a variety of products and services you offer and an array of solutions your business offers. Try and break it down into your PPC campaigns. Split out your industries or product groups into tiers and target these separately on PPC using relevant phrases. For instance, we have 3 different levels of our product offerings: email marketing, lead generation and marketing automation. We run PPC campaigns using targeted relevant keywords to each of these 3 products, rather than trying to cram them all into one campaign.

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