We’re living in a world where ads are everywhere. Pop-ups on our favourite websites, banners on social media, wherever we look, there they are. If you are a marketer, it’s a challenge to stand out. That’s where personalisation steps in. By tapping into data and analytics, you can craft messages that speak directly to your audience. But there’s a fine line between ‘personal’ and ‘too personal’.

The Personalisation Phenomenon

Every day, whether we realise it or not, we’re swimming in a sea of ads. So, to keep afloat, brands have turned to personalisation. It’s like having a chat with someone who knows just what you’ve been looking for. They use insights from our online footprints – what we click on, what we buy – to tailor their messages. And when done right, it feels almost magical.

A Delicate Balance

But here is also the problem. Too much of a good thing can become not so good. Dive too deep into personalisation, and it starts feeling a bit creepy or tacky. Suddenly, those tailored ads seem more like someone’s been rifling through your desk at work. And while data gives us a peek into consumer habits, it doesn’t tell us everything. Rely solely on numbers, and we might miss the human touch.

Getting It Right

So, how do we get this right?

Be Open and Honest: Let’s keep things transparent. If we’re using data, let’s tell people why. We would like to offer you a bespoke 1:1 experience, is that ok? Clear choices to opt-in or out and sticking to data rules are the way to go.

Trust Your Gut: Data is great, but human intuition? That’s the key. Put the two together, and you’ve got an ad strategy that really works for both the customer, and the business.

Know Your Limits: Personalisation is like seasoning – just the right amount can make a dish but too much and it’s ruined. Regular checks can help us stay on the right track.

The Way Forward with Spotler

Personalisation is the future. And that’s why we at Spotler team up with our partners. We’re here to guide, to support, to lend a helping hand. Our goal? To help our clients discover how our personalisation solutions can truly resonate with them and their audience. Together, we’ll find that sweet spot where personalisation meets genuine connection.