One Single Platform to manage your sales and marketing

We understand the frustration having 5 different platforms to manage each section of the same strategy can cause. That’s why we brought every aspect of sales and marketing under one roof. From email marketing, event setup, social media posting, IP tracking and marketing automation. It is all possible from a centralised platform with CommuniGator.

Money Saving

Just putting it out there, but having one platform rather than 5 to pay for is a money saver. The individual platforms may themselves be cheaper, but together the cost racks up. It’s like buying in bulk. The more you buy the cheaper a single item becomes. And with a reduced fee, comes the additional benefits a single platform offers.

Get Time Back

Not only is our platform a money saver, but it will save you time. And time is money. No longer will you waste energy and resource logging into multiple platforms and trying to remember numerous passwords just to manage your marketing and sales strategies. A single account is all that’s needed. From there you can update your data into a single location, with every interaction fed back to the same contact record. Whether that’s from website movement, email interaction, or social media contact.
If you’re serious about saving time, you need to stop darting between platforms, and implement a centralised location to work from.

Reporting with Ease

With reporting options for every product, insights can be gathered from each marketing stream with ease. Comparisons between channels are easy to generate, offering useful insights for focusing your marketing strategy to maximise ROI, and sales call directions. Integrating modules can result in lead informed interactions. Combining your IP tracking software with Marketing Automation Software can result in email sends triggered by website activity. Keeping content relevant and timely for your leads.

Streamline Your Data

Working from a single pot of data means that contact records are updated with lead developments from across all channels. The likelihood of duplicate data cropping up is reduced, with contact interaction history streamlined across databases. Plus, we have the option to integrate CommuniGator directly with your CRM system, whether it’s mainstream or bespoke. Updating all your data to and from both platforms, for sales to work from with the most up to date information available.

The benefits of combining your marketing efforts into a centralised location can consolidate your processes, increasing efficiency and saving time. CommuniGator offers an integrated solution bringing every aspect of marketing under one roof.

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