One in five emails sent across the world are read by their recipient via a mobile phone, according to new data.

Released by an independent campaign monitoring company, the data found that mobile phones are increasingly being used for actions previously taken on a desktop computer.

According to, the figure may also indicate that email systems that are accessible from mobiles are taking over desktop email systems, like Apple Mail or Outlook.

The key thing to learn from the discovery, according to industry expert Helen Leggatt, is that not all emails may be readable on mobile devices. As such, companies utilising email marketing solutions must ensure their email messages are compatible with any device.

She told “Are you ensuring your emails are designed to render well across not only desktop clients and web-based platforms but also on a verity of mobile devices?

“Do you know which mobile operating systems block images or support preview text? Does your design work on a small screen? Have you accommodated fat fingers?”

Her advice was echoed by fellow industry insider, Loren McDonald. She told that although “email was made for mobile devices”, it has to be properly designed in order for it to reach its full potential with mobile users.