We’re hitting refresh on analytics for marketers

There’s a problem. The data industry has produced an analytics monster, creating complexity and noise that scares away most marketers. 

This means that most marketing activity is designed based on gut, or out of date models, frustrating marketers who just want to do better! 

So we’re changing the narrative.

This week we are launching the first in our series of Actionable Analytics Solutions, aligned to our Analytics Maturity Model

With new customer lifecycle profiling and revenue dashboards, inclusive strategic consultancy and implementation services, marketers can now do so much more with Pure360:-

  • Identify actionable lifecycle profiles from your customer’s transactional & behavioural data
  • Take the guesswork out of your lifecycle marketing strategy. Analyse and validate current profiles/segments creating new accurate and up to date actionable segments 
  • Curate personalised lifecycle marketing that delights the customer at every step
  • Prove the value of your campaigns by tracking revenue uplift
  • Without the need for internal resources or a Maths degree! 

You spoke, we listened

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. We talked to 100’s of marketers about why they’re not using data to define their strategies. Do these sound familiar to you?

Our current customer profiles are out of date but I don’t how to update them using real data.

I know we can make more revenue by targeting specific customer profiles but we don’t have the time or data skills 

I want to give our customers the relevant 121 personalised brand & purchase experiences they deserve and that is demonstrably better than our competitors

I need an in-house Analyst but for 10% of the price!  

Unlock the power of your data with Analytics

So we’ve built a solution that achieves all your above points and more, enabling you to unlock the power of your data. With easy to read dashboards and consultancy services that combine your transactional and email data to surface the insights that matter.


A methodology guaranteed to improve your results

It’s simple. With our new analytics solutions we’ve made it easier for Commerce marketers to create lifecycle journeys based on real life customer behaviour. In fact we do it for you!

Our methodology is as easy as 1, 2 3.

Validate : Action : Quantify 

#1 Validate your customer’s true behaviour:

When did you last validate your customer profiles/personas? Are these now old and out of date? Or maybe you haven’t defined your own accurate buying personas before. 

Without time consuming and costly integration, using your transactional data, we will analyse & validate accurate customer profiles and prove who and why these personas behave as they do.

#2 Action the Revenue Opportunity you are missing out on:

Our consultants will show you which personas will convert on what type of seasonal & promotional campaigns, and help you plan which lifecycle journeys will increase your customer’s lifetime value and reduce churn.

#3 Quantify the value of your data asset:

Our team will help set up those life cycle journeys to maximum effect and help you prove internally the revenue uplift and positive impact on customer engagement and loyalty. Whilst at the same time delighting your customer at every step of their experience of your brand. Dare to be bold, stand out against your competition and take the lead.

Intelligent Solutions. Delighting your customers.

Simple for you. 

Commerce lifecycle Dashboards – Actionable dynamic RFM, RFE & CLTV segments

  • Transform your customer transaction history and email data into easy to read RFM, RFE dashboards, with premade dynamic segments ready for you to use in campaigns and lifecycle journey automations. 
  • Upsell and maximise customer growth with dynamic Customer Lifetime Value segments
  • And track and demonstrate value back to the business with insightful revenue dashboards

Inclusive Customer Profiling data consultancy and Journey Planning

Our data consultancy and services are committed to getting you better results. We understand that you will want to keep asking questions of your data and that you need help to action the insights with powerful lifecycle campaigns. 

Your consultant will work with you to validate your current profiles, documenting and explaining any new and more accurate segments. Delivering better personalised customer lifecycle experiences.

We help you plan, prioritise and implement the most impactful lifecycle email journeys for each customer profile, whilst proving the revenue uplift for your business.

To find out how analytics has helped our clients – view our Fashion Retailer Case Study here

Let us show you how we can help you unlock the power of your data contact our team here.