The mystery behind machine learning

It’s the 21st century. We live in a tech-savvy world. So, it was inevitable that machine learning was going to take over our marketing one day. Well, newsflash, that day is here!

Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Insights, Machine Learning. Call it what you want. It’s here to stay. And it’s only going to make our job, as marketers, easier and much more efficient.

Let’s look at how marketing has evolved and erupted from machine learning.


What it means 

Machine learning is the way forward when it comes to marketing success. Staying ahead of the competition is paramount in a dog eat dog world.

Understanding and identifying your potential target market is essential for your strategy. Machine learning allows you to identify potential customer and predict how they’ll engage.

Cool, right? Very. It’s a powerful way to create successful, targeted marketing campaigns and segments you were unaware of, with ease.

Now, it’s not a new concept. We are engaging with AI on a daily basis, sometimes without even realising. It’s Netflix recommending what to watch next, what’s on your Facebook feed, and how Google knows where you are going, when.

What marketers think

Admit it, it intimidates you a tiny bit. Us too. Having a machine predict how good you are at your job is scary stuff.

But imagine how it can work to your advantage. Predicting which customers are not only most likely to convert, but also deliver the most lifetime value before you have even reached out. Sounds like a marketer’s dream, right?

That said, 89% of B2B marketers now have AI on their roadmap for 2018. And if you aren’t one of them, it’s worth considering and getting ready for the revolution.

How to prepare

Warning: The AI revolution is not the future, it’s already here! So, it’s crucial to begin preparations right away to stay ahead of the game.

First things first, know your target audience. While you may think you already do to some extent, it’s time to delve deep into your data.

It’ll help you identify the industry, location and job title of your leads. Plus, what time in the day they are most likely to engage with your campaigns.

Once this is underway, it’s time to devise an action plan and be ready to roll it out as soon as you can. You can see our 4 steps to prepare here.

Machine learning will help you thrive and improve your marketing results with ease.


If you want to find out more about how AI can play a huge part in your marketing this year, join us on 20th February in Reading for our very first AI workshop.

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