Mega personalisation: don’t be a creep!

It’s fair to say that personalisation is one of the biggest trends in marketing, and it’s showing no signs of going away. But what does it actually mean and how can you do it?

Mega personalisation refers to content that references data stored about contacts in their CRM. Like using first name in an email, or more complex, like referencing web behaviour you’ve tracked.

How does it work though? If you’re tracking what your contacts do you can collect a wealth of information about them. This includes clicks on campaigns, downloads from your website and cookie dropping.

A few technical notes here: you need to make sure that the data gets recorded in your CRM. We recommend you integrate this to your email service provider (ESP). You’ll then need to make sure the fields you want to use are mapped to your ESP so you can use them in your campaigns.

Lead nurture series

Our simple tried and tested lead nurture series is sent via our marketing automation app. We send targeted campaigns to our leads based on what they have interacted with.

The structure is simple, each time a lead clicks a campaign they get heavier content. Starting with blogs, then whitepapers, moving on to case studies and meeting requests, within the same category they have interacted with.

“12% of our sales from the last 6 months have come from this workflow, which has generated over £37,000 annual revenue.

We get a 15% click through on average when splitting the content this way. From the ‘decide’ level (demos and meetings) we see an average 17% click-through rate.”

– Jessica Brick, Senior Marketing Coordinator, CommuniGator

Web capture download follow-up series

We track what’s downloaded from our website and send a series of follow-ups with similar content.

“Members from this workflow count towards our Marketing Qualified Leads so is vital for our marketing and sales process. We have generated over 1,000 qualified leads from this workflow, with 10% of those going on to sales. A further 25% of those are in or have gone through the sales cycle process.”

– Jessica Brick, Senior Marketing Coordinator, CommuniGator

You can read more about it here.

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