As part of our meet the team series, today we’re introducing you to Quincy.

Quincy is known for his exceptional knowledge of the Pure360 suite and his ability to quickly resolve any issues that may occur. He’s the driving force behind our Account Management Team, helping our Account Managers develop their customer relationships to provide an outstanding service.

Tell us about yourself and your role at Pure360

I work in the Customer Experience team as the Lead Account Manager. I’m a strategic thinker plus a food and fitness enthusiast! I love how easily conversation flows when making or eating food. By keeping on top of my fitness, it means I get to eat more food – now that’s strategic thinking, right?

What is a typical working day for you at Pure360?

It usually consists of meetings with customers, working on technical queries to find solutions and striving to improve the team’s ability to support our customers.

Do you have any email strategy hints and tips you would like to share?

My marketing tip is to think about what your customers want to hear from you, rather than what you want to promote. My technical tip is to stay informed on technical best practice and how you can improve your processes to be technologically optimal – after all, the best email in the world is not a lot of good if it doesn’t get opened!

Who inspires you and why?

Canadian, mixed martial artist Georges St-Pierre. He has, what I’d call, a human view of the world and is incredibly dedicated to his craft which makes him very successful. He’s humble and chooses to make friends where he could easily make enemies because he understands that compassion is a strength, not a weakness.

What are your marketing trends predictions for the year ahead?

Less offers and more brand engagement! Creating engaging content for your customers and followers to enjoy can be huge for brand loyalty. If you can gain loyal customers who truly understand and believe in your business then you’re winning.

Thanks Quincy! Keep an eye out for our next introduction from the Pure360 team and in the meantime, if you have any questions for Quincy or our team do feel free to get in touch.

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