How to maximise the efficiency of your lead generation strategy

All digital marketers know that half the battle is simply identifying the leads that come onto your website. Once you’ve assigned these leads to the relevant salesperson, now you need to find out what they’re genuinely interested in so that you can maximise the ROI of your current marketing strategy. This is where website visitor tracking is essential for your lead generation strategy.

Lead management

Our own version of visitor tracking software is called GatorLeads. Each company, once they are registered as visiting your site and the IP address that they are visiting from can be matched, is denoted a specific personal profile within GatorLeads that you can see all their website activity from. So, what can you do with this information to make the whole cycle more profitable? An effective lead generation strategy and software will allow you to filter out the leads that are your competitors, customers, employees, and suppliers so you can concentrate wholly on new prospects and visitors that there is the potential to do business with.

Order based on interest

What’s more, not only are you able to see what pages a company or individual has been looking at in real time, but you can gauge HOW interested they are. You can do this by a process of lead scoring so that the prospects score much higher once they have visited any sales relevant pages such as case studies, guides, or pricing.

Lead scoring

For us, lead scoring is great and has worked a treat in allowing us to fine tune our own sales strategy. While it’s a great function to have when closing sales deals, as you can visibly see what a company has been looking at, it also allows us to internally review content pages that are drawing significantly less traffic than others. This is important when producing future blogs and other such information sources, to know what’s been working in capturing the imagination of a prospect. As we all know, the marketing landscape is dynamic and constantly evolving, lead scoring is essential if you want to stay at the forefront of your industry.

Marketing source

In addition, something else that our software is capable of that you might not be aware of is the ability to track the marketing source that your prospects have come onto your site from. Do you send out multiple email campaigns each month? Great! Now you can monitor which of those are outperforming the others, or even whether some marketing medians, such as PPC campaigns, are visibly showing less ROI and need some tinkering. If we’re trying to improve the overall efficiency of your strategy, then reporting on these sources is essential.

Disengaged prospects

This ability to report on your strategy also serves to illuminate the view you take on your own campaigns. Have you noticed that some of your prospects are frequently dropping out of one campaign at a certain point? This is another way you can improve the efficiency of your lead generation strategy, if you notice that leads are increasingly becoming more disengaged it’s time to make a change. Was the user journey too hard to navigate for the individual? Was the content off topic? Should this prospect have been driven to sales sooner? These are all things that you are now able to consider.

As documented above, these are just some of the ways that an effective lead generation tool can improve your overall marketing strategy. Don’t believe me, why don’t you download this nifty guide on our own IP tracking tool GatorLeads? I’m certain you will find it extremely insightful!

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