In our third installment of our Marketing Heroes interviews, we spoke with Shaun Reynolds the founder of Email-Postman. Shaun has an extensive background in Marketing, especially in the area of Email Marketing so let’s find out more…

Email PostmanPlease introduce yourself…

Hi, I’m Shaun Reynolds, the founder of I’m super passionate about this industry and the services I offer.  I started my career in the travel industry working with tour operators and connecting with travel agents. Seen as an extension to many tour operators, I would offer not only HTML builds but recommendations and suggestions to provide the best results from their email campaigns.

After 10 years I then had the pleasure of working with Watchfinder, a large luxury online retailer. As Europe’s leading pre-owned watch specialist, I helped develop a strong email marketing strategy based around data and engagement with the brand. A lot of time was spent on customer segmentation from geo-location data to customer purchasing behaviour and interests.

I recently moved onto ATG Media, where I became their Email Marketing Manager building strategies which spread across 4 portals between the UK and USA. As of February 2019, I started my own email marketing consultancy working with clients on a range of different email marketing aspects. From acquisition and welcome series to automation and customer segmentation.

The email marketing world is still, and will be, a very lucrative digital channel for business across the world. The more we can plan, strategise, target and make our emails more relevant to the consumer, the more opportunities we can deliver.

Tell us about Email-Postman…

Email-Postman, is a 1-to-1 email marketing consultancy and/or freelance service. I work very closely to understand my clients business, industry and the goals they are looking to achieve. Having a contact, like myself, who you can connect with helps build a strong and trustworthy brand between myself and my clients. Once objectives have been set, I deliver a shared project roadmap where my clients can view their progress.

What are your main roles and responsibilities?

As a one-man band, for the moment, I play all the instruments in my business. From day 1, I discuss a client’s problems or targets- planning through to execution and reporting. A strong community of clients and fellow businesses is key to long term success so I like to share as much knowledge as possible via my Email-Postman Linkedin page.

What is your main marketing focus and goals for 2019?

For 2019, I look to increase my brand awareness and reach out to help as many clients as possible. I have targets set for completed projects and will look to expand into a team.

How important is email to your marketing mix and how much of your budget (%) is allocated to this?

Email marketing is everything that I do so it gets 100% of my focus and attention in order to deliver success for my clients. The cost of my current marketing is low as I look to deliver engaging content via LinkedIn. I plan to offer videos and webinars this year to connect with marketeers and clients alike that discusses and solves email marketing related challenges.

What are your main challenges you face as a marketer?

Not as such a challenge, but the opportunity and excitement of an ever changing digital channel. Making sure you adapt, learn and execute the latest techniques, best practices and ideas.

What are your top 4 favourite marketing tools?

1) Linkedin is my number one marketing tool. I have pulled this away from the “social media” grouping as it’s a business community. Objectives align with how I wish to connect; communicate with current and existing clients and share knowledge with fellow marketing professionals.

2) Asana – where would I be without Asana to manage my projects?

3) Google analytics offers me powerful data to display what content and services most visitors are interested in and adapting my content plan to these results. As my website is a very important place to showcase my skills and experience, I use webmaster tools from Google to make sure visitors can find me easily. Google analytics is super powerful to understand which channel visitors are using to visit my website, which pages they are viewing and the behaviour flow helps me track users.

4) I’m in the process of launching my YouTube channel which will include tips, tricks and partnership videos with key industry experts discussing latest trends and tips.

Which other marketers inspire you and why?

Sean Reilly, Director & Marketing Consultant at CanMarket, is huge inspiration to me; he’s one of the best digital marketing professionals I know! We’ve worked together throughout the years, starting agency level, Watchfinder through to today where we work delivering success for Budd and Tusting. Chantelle Knoetze, Key Account Director at Pure360, is also an inspiring marketing professional who genuinely champions the email marketing channel.

If you could give one tip to aspiring marketers what would that be?

Stay connected and network. You offer as much to the community as you take from it, so in an ever-changing marketing world, it’s very important to adapt, learn, and stay up-to-date with the latest best practices that you can replicate in your world.

What are your marketing trend predictions for the year ahead?

I can see the trend and trust in automation will continue into this year. With the inclusion of more personalisation in email communications, it will offer highly relevant and personalised experiences that will keep the consumer engaged, happy and keep them on your email list. Maintaining a happy subscriber base is vitally important as it is connected to many other metrics/results of your channel and ultimately your business. Happy email subscribers = good deliverability and inbox placement; engaged and satisfied customers who stay loyal with the email channel along with your business.

Thanks Shaun for taking the time to speak with us!

We have some more great interviews with our Marketing Heroes lined up.  And if you’re an expert in the field of marketing and would like to get involved please drop us an email.

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