How to make marketing automation even easier

You may know of marketing automation, you may not know where to begin or you may just want to make your automation processes even easier. Good news. Marketing automation workflows are the assembly lines taking over your marketing department processes. Making your life a hell of a lot easier.

Marketing Automation in 2016

Currently, marketing automation is leaps and strides ahead of what most companies anticipate they need. Smaller enterprises are quite happy using email marketing and leaving marketing teams to run around and report on what they can achieve. After all, marketing tends to look like swans. Calmly floating along, but underneath the water, they are paddling like hell to keep up.

How to improve your marketing automation

Those who already recognise the sheer effort marketing have to put in to achieve a slow glide are more apt to look at marketing automation. One that can automate entire quarter email campaigns. Clever automation solutions can anticipate prospects actions and send them different emails based on how they engage with your email marketing. This workflow app, while taking a lot of preparation, will allow marketing to focus less on execution and more on real-time results.

Could we go even further?

Of course, marketing automation technology could rise even further. Intuitive marketing tools can go beyond us building dynamic content sections that pull through your CRM data. It’s just a matter of how much power we want to give our marketing robotics and how much marketing teams are willing to let go.

Personally, we would like to see intuitive personalised marketing campaigns that anticipate prospects needs. Whether your focus is on social, email or PR, you should be given a customised journey in the same way you see advertisements of what you’ve looked at online thanks to cookie technology. We just have to develop the technology, and robotic rules, a bit more first.

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