The internet needs IP addresses to function, and marketers need IP Lookup to identify and nurture their leads. How does this key technology work and why should you care?


What IP addresses and IP lookup do

IP addresses are best thought of as your computer’s version of a postal address; they uniquely identify every computer linked to the internet.

IP lookup is a tool that uses this record to show you which computers are accessing your site.

The problem IP Lookup solves

In the era of digital marketing, we’ve largely solved the problem of getting enough people to visit our websites. The problem that remains is understanding who they are. Less than 3% of your website visitors will give you their details, whether that’s directly requesting a call or downloading a resource from you.

This is why IP Lookup is valuable; It gives you a way to identify the other 98% and start working out exactly what they want from you.


Why you need IP Lookup

More and more, buyers are expecting personalisation as a base standard on the websites they visit. Identifying them on the first visit will give you a chance to provide this when they return.

While the claim about 8-second attention spans is overblown, if you aren’t making it quick and easy for website visitors to find something that hooks them, they won’t hang around. Contentsquare analysed 20 billion user sessions from all kinds of websites across all of 2021 and discovered that the average time on page for B2B websites is 1 minute 22 seconds.

The best way to make this time valuable on every visit is to identify the visitor early, and then serve up personalised content based on what they have viewed on previous visits.


Ready to start?

Spotler’s platform offers the perfect 1-2 punch of IP Lookup and website personalisation to deliver relevant content to your leads early in the buying cycle, when they are doing their own research and won’t yet want to speak to your sales team. Book a demo with our team and see it for yourself.