Increase your website leads in 4 steps

As marketers, we’re always trying to increase our website leads. But there’s only so many email campaigns you can create or so much content you can produce. Instead of looking at new approaches that haven’t proven to work, this article is going to show you how to optimise your current strategies.  

1 – Change your call to action’s on your old blog posts

Surprisingly, HubSpot research showed that 92% of monthly blog post website leads are from old posts. So take a look at your top performing blogs for the last six months. Find the ones that are high-traffic but low converting and take a look at what the call to action is. It could be that you could link that blog post to multiple key feature pages on your website. Or you could change the call to action completely to a more up to date offer to convert more leads.

2 – Don’t just stick to blog posts

Blog posts are great, but there are so many other content marketing options you can use. In fact, webinars perform the best in terms of drawing in leads, followed by e-books and “kits”. Use your analytics to see which of your blog posts are getting the most attention and focus on those formats. It could be anything from infographics to videos. If you haven’t got any analytics to go on, start playing around to see which posts your audience engage with.

3 – Align your keywords!

We all know the importance of keywords for SEO purposes. It can be common to just focus on them in your headline and first paragraph, but you should also make sure your call to action aligns with the keywords too. By looking at which of your posts are ranking on organic SEO, you can see which keywords are bringing in your website leads. You can then rewrite your call to actions on those posts to be more relevant to the search terms your leads are using. HubSpot did this and saw the number of lead conversions on these posts rise by 87%.

4 – Blog in more than one place

The more inbound marketing links that connect back to your website, the more leads you are going to draw in. Interestingly, 57% of leads come from offers that are older than a month. So find your posts with strong keywords and links for your key features. In particular, look for blog posts with external links. These often carry more weight, and connecting them with your internal offer will pass some of that weight back to your website. Then use those blog posts and guest blog them on other websites with similar audiences to you. This will drive even more leads towards your website.

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