Increase Average Purchase Price by 47% 

Whenever a sale is made there’s a small celebration here at CommuniGator. It’s not big or fancy, but there’s a cheer which goes around the Sales team (and anyone else who happens to be in the Salesroom). Every time, without fail. It’s a pretty good feeling just getting a sale, but what if I could tell you that you could boost your sales order value by 47%?

Imagine if your purchase price was 1 1/2 times higher. Well, I’m not making big claims with no backup! Research has found that when leads are nurtured by a company prior to buying, they make on average a 47% larger purchase than non-nurtured leads. Not convinced that figure can be right? Let’s jump into the explanation behind such a huge increase.

Trust and Honesty

It’s what a relationship is built from. When you nurture a lead from their first interaction, you begin to build your rapport. Not only will they know who your company are, but they’ll begin to have confidence that you’re the one who can offer them what they need. Give them the content they actually need based on what they’re interested in. Tailor their experience with you to meet their own requirements.

Reliable and Informative

You’re an expert in what you do. Prove it. Send content which demonstrates your know-how. Make your communication educational rather than a sales pitch. A ‘here’s how’ rather than an ‘ours is best because’. You’re aiming to intrigue. Make leads want to come back for more because you’re the one offering that helping hand and expecting nothing in return. It will establish you as a reliable brand to work with. One who’s focused on the customer first and foremost. Sending targeted content keeps your leads informed and confident that you understand their needs. Warming up your leads with a nurturing campaign gives them the information they need, when they need it, rather than pushing for a sale straight away.

Competitor Schmetitor

By keeping your communications light but regular, you build awareness of your offers, whilst also keeping you at the forefront of any prospects mind. That way, there’s less space for them to think about your competitors. Because they’re not that great anyway are they…. In a way, you’re inoculating prospects from going to competing brands. Keeping them on-side until they’re certain themselves, that you really are the best fit.

Open Their Minds

You’ve got your leads interest, they’re considering what your company can offer them, and they’re open to hearing the deeper details of your offer. Lay it all out. Show them everything you can do and let them decide what they need from you. You’re not leading them down the path YOU think they suit, you’re giving them the option to choose for themselves. That way, it’s likely they’ll explore how everything interacts together.

Lead nurturing is all about creating a rapport with your lead, building trust, understanding, and confidence. Done correctly, your lead will be convinced that you’re the right person to work with. You’ll be the one to give them the help and reliability they need. And if off the back of that they’re happy to spend that extra cash, bonus!

Have we convinced you? Perhaps you’re now just curious? If it’s either, can you see how that lead nurturing process has started already with you? Find out how you can implement Lead Nurturing in your processes here.

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