Identifying your PPC visitors

GatorLeads is redefining the metrics which AdWords professionals use to monitor and maintain successful PPC campaigns.

As a PPC professional or just an advertiser trying to increase website traffic in a cost effective manner, the PPC “holy grail” is to bid and win at the lowest value, but only for the converting traffic. As a GatorLeads user or not, you may not realise that not only will GatorLeads show you the companies that have been on your website, but also those that have come from your PPC campaigns.

It’s the converting traffic I would like to focus on. While we all know that Google AdWords is useful at telling us what terms generate a click, what we do not know is which terms generated which specific company visits and thus who goes on to convert from that PPC ad. However for your investment of an additional £150 per month we will tell you which PPC leads came from which ad word and search term resulting in a visit to your site.

For a Google advertiser spending only £500 per month this is the effectiveness of the money you are spending on the GatorLeads platform. The additional £150 mark is therefore justified purely on the increased yield for the advertising spend by simply minimising or removing paid for bids on phrases which simply do not yield the kind of traffic that does not yield.

As a working example, we ourselves were bidding for AdWords against the key terms around “lead generation”. This was a heavily contested term costing an average of £4.20 per click. However, on analysis and despite a steady flow and relatively low bounce rate, the conversion from companies on this term was only 20%, whilst other terms individually did not have the same traffic volume and indeed a higher bounce rate, yet despite that the conversion rate on site was massive. GatorLeads allowed us to ignore low volume and high bounce rate metrics traditionally used to decide to turn off terms, and actually increase the bid price to the optimal value for our conversion metrics.

Want to find out how you can ensure you are getting the most out of your paid search leads or any of the GatorLeads features…contact us on 01483 411911 and we will show you how!

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