How to write an attention-grabbing email

Would you like to get more responses to your sales emails? Check out these simple tricks to writing an attention-grabbing email below and increase your email response rate immediately.

1 – Focus on your subject line

The subject line is 80% of your leads attention, so if you don’t make it attention-grabbing they won’t read the email. Use the following to intrigue them:

  • How to titles
  • Numbers, e.g. top 5 reasons, 3 ways etc.
  • Ask them a question.

For more tips, read this guide on writing mind-blowing headlines.

2 – Address them by their first name

Emails are still the most predominant channel for building relationships, so you need to make them personal. Refer to your lead by their first name before you start the email. Then use the word “you” and “your” twice as much as any other first person pronoun throughout the email.

3- Skip the intro

Every salesperson starts with something dull like “Hi, I’m so and so from this company and I think I can help you.” This is the quickest way to get your email sent straight to their spam folder.

Instead, start with what you do and how you can help them. Professionals are far more likely to respond to someone who offers to solve one of their problems directly. For example, “Hi, we’ve met briefly on LinkedIn. I just wanted to take the chance to explain more about how I work with companies struggling to make X work.”

4- Stroke their ego

In the next section of the email, you want to cover 3 quick points (no more than one or two sentences) on why you want to help them. Remember to make it about them rather than your pitch. Perhaps you say you’re interested in how they deliver results and you want to be a part of something great, you mention them in association with a well-known respected brand, or you say you’ve shared their work with others.

5- Add value

Finally, your email needs to give them something to do. You need a call to action that adds value but doesn’t ask anything of your lead. Perhaps you give them a whitepaper, access to a free demo or some statistics that would show them how to stay ahead in the market.

The best thing is, this call to action can be tracked so you don’t have to ask anything of your lead. By making your call to action a PURL (personalised URL’s), you can track your leads movements back to your website and see what they’ve interacted with on your website.

Once you know what you want to say, you can use the architecture of an outstanding email design to improve your conversion rate even further.

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