How to stay motivated on a bad sales day

We’ve all struggled to stay motivated on a bad sales day. Perhaps you had a particularly rude person on your call or a lead who has been stringing you along suddenly stops getting in contact. No matter what has put you in a sales slump, use these 4 quick ways to motivate yourself.

Change the atmosphere

Changing the type of music you have in the background or taking five minutes to enjoy the office banter can seem counterproductive. However, it can give you that much-needed break to refocus your energy and place you in a more positive frame of mind. Without taking the time out to refocus, you risk holding on to that negativity for your next call, which your lead will pick up on.

Write down what is bugging you

If you can’t seem to shake the disappointing feeling a lead has given you, write down what is bothering you. This has been psychologically proven to help your brain let go of the emotion attached to the action.

Next to what has bothered you, write a list of positives

To combat the negativity, create a list of positives you experienced either that day or that week or month. Consider:

  • what deals you’ve won
  • a particularly tricky lead that you convinced
  • a lead that fell into your lap and went straight through the sales process
  • a referral that turned into a sale
  • great commission

Keep this list somewhere where you can easily access it and keep adding to it with other positive sales experiences. You’ll soon see this list overtake your negative list, which can be used to inspire you to turn around your day.

Break down your goals

Perhaps the reason you are in a bad mood is because you know you’re not going to meet your goals today. So instead of giving up, change your goals or break them down. Focus on making more calls instead of closing sales or shorten your big goal into hourly goals. This can help you to see what progress you are actually making and increase your productivity, even if you don’t feel particularly positive.

To break down your goals effectively, track what you’ve done with the leads assigned to you today. It’s time you learnt how to build an overperforming sales team.

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