Are you struggling to send cold emails that boost your conversion rates?

Many people out there think that cold emails simply do not work. But I have some breaking news for you – they do. They totally work. You just need to know how to make them work. And that’s what brings me here today; we will share exactly how you can warm up those cold contacts and fuel up those conversion rates.

Did you know that 80% of your website visitors do not disclose or share their personal details with websites? This is the 80% that we will tell you about how to nurture. Doesn’t sound real yet, does it?

Think about what you can say to somebody that you have no pre-existing relationship with. How can you lure them in and captivate them? A tip is to give these cold contacts a gradual warm up and flourish the relationship with them from strangers to loyal customers. If you do this consistently with the perfect approach, your email can capture new leads, enhance connections, and amplify growth, which altogether works towards ROI.


Do Your Research

The pre-stage of cold emailing requires a chunk of research before reaching out to these cold contacts. You should identify their demographics, lifestyle, interests, etc., to construct a persona for your cold contacts, being able to then tailor content according to what will be relevant to them. You can do this through IP lookup that enables you to track the behaviour of your website visitors. GatorLeads unlocks the details of these cold contacts who you can then add into your cold contact emailing funnel.

Using the personalisation factor is what hits the success button as you can utilise the information you have gathered about your cold contacts to then tailor the content of the emails you can send these cold contacts, enabling you to contact them on a much deeper level. The more personal you get, the more your chances of receiving engagement increase.

You can fire up your emails to your cold contacts using IP lookup to trace and then personalise your email accordingly, making it significantly relevant. For example, if your cold contact was searching for dresses and sandals on your website, you can track this using our IP lookup, then send them a personalised email using GatorMail, asking them if they are having trouble looking for the perfect summer apparel, then explaining how you can be the perfect solution to their problem. This is bound to blow up your conversions!


The First Five Seconds

You have about five seconds to secure the attention of the reader with your subject line. The subject line is what makes or breaks the entire conversion with this cold contact. Around 47% of emails are judged based on their subject line. Now, you should never judge a book by its cover, but unfortunately that is not quite the case in marketing. In marketing, many of your readers will judge you by your subject line, especially your cold contacts. If it manages to induce them, then they will open your email and have a look around. If they find your subject line of no interest, then they will simply hit delete with no hesitation.

Keep your subject line relevant and exciting for the new contact. They should feel that the perfect email has just landed into their inbox, showing them exactly what they had needed. Keep it short and snappy. A subject line too long will put your cold contact off because they want to be able to judge your worthiness in a matter of a few seconds. And if they are unable to do this, they will lose interest.

Be trendy. Be cool. But remember to keep relevant. Emojis are always a good tactic to grab the attention of the reader as these are the perfect pop of colour in their monotonous inbox list, and they also convey a vogue business personality which is inspirational to be a part of distinctly in the current era, hence would certainly spark some interest in your cold contacts.



Whatever you do though, you must remember that cold contacts are fragile. Send them too many emails prematurely and they’ll unsubscribe immediately. Keep your emails consistent surely, but ensure you are not sending too many. With a cold contact, the trust phase is the most vital phase. You need to make sure that your contact can establish a sense of trust and satisfaction from you. Warming up your cold contacts usually takes up to 5 weeks, therefore this stage is where you must be careful and considerate. Once you have succeeded in this phase, you officially have yourself a warm lead. Give yourself a pat on the back and ensure to keep the emails consistent and relevant even after this stage is progressed through. If you begin slacking on the consistency once you have warmed up this cold contact, you may just need to restart the entire cold email process – so be vigilant.


Another One Nurtured

Developing your B2C cold emailing campaign with our tips is bound to nurture those cold contacts as you can knit out their exact likes and interests by analysing their behaviour, as well as knowing exactly how to tailor your content and grasp the attention of your reader.

Optimise your cold emailing and you are unquestionably already ahead of the game, as this tactic moves you two steps ahead of the contact.

Yes, they don’t say cold emailing is the greatest method to get more conversions for nothing!