How to reach the unreachable

Whether it is CEOs, chairpersons or university scholars, they can all be reached. It just depends on how?

Email scraping

I find that most marketers I speak to don’t like the idea of email scraping. It seems like ‘tricking people into false relationships.’ But I believe, if done without any spammy intent, properly segmented, scraping for emails can be valuable to any business – to create genuine relationships with target customers.


Email scraping collects contact information for your network marketing efforts and analyses data collected. The data can then be used to target leads through online campaigns. The tools use predictive analysis to extract this information from public websites. Email scraping is less time-consuming and improves the accuracy of contact details.


E-mail scraping can be used to accumulate email addresses of users for spamming, or to sell to other interested parties. It may violate terms of service agreements on websites, including terms of service agreements on social networking websites and CRMs. It is an automated process and often left vulnerable to being hacked. The email harvesting is done by a bot, and then added to a list using software, such as Excel, or a web application. Often leaving your system vulnerable.

Purchasing data

Data purchase can be a great way of filling the top of funnel with leads. And as B2B marketers in the UK, you can use this channel and method to get great results and new leads. Purchased data is often gathered through marketing efforts designed to attract consumers, such as email campaigns, PPC advertising, and other methods. While data may be gathered without the consumer’s direct consent, as with the third party gathered data, it can still be gathered without the consumer’s direct consent, such as through cookies.

Why us?

With Spotler being one of the few email service platforms that allow you to use purchased data, you should be maximizing this opportunity. When a company comes on your website, but you don’t know who it was, we can give you the contacts based at that company and secure their email addresses, so you can add them to your data pot.

Data Replenish

Now purchasing data is great for expanding your contact base and adding to your CRM however if not done correctly you could be left with a huge backlog of contacts. Which is why your data always needs a refresh. Data replenishment is a marketing term used to define the action of receiving new or additional data from a data provider after purchasing data from them. Most companies that purchase data from data providers will replenish the same set of records every 3 – 4 months.

Your CRM should be cleaned quarterly. This is due to the main factors of unsubscribes, moving jobs or simply just the email address being undeliverable. Now what are you supposed to do with this! Not sure? Well, you should contact your data supplier and they should be able to help you. This essentially means If you send a bunch of email addresses to them, they should in return give you contacts of similar job titles.

Why us?

Spotler offers customer the opportunity to replenish their unsubscribes & undeliverable data with alternative contacts of a similar job title and seniority, meaning you can keep using emails to nurture those key accounts. You can just put your feet up as this service removes the hassle of buying bulk pots of data each time on license agreements.

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