Your email marketing platform gives you the ability to send dynamic content. But you can’t quite figure out where to start.

Well how about at the beginning of the customer lifecycle?

There are many ways you can implement dynamic content, both through your email campaigns and on your website, that will help you increase first time purchasers. This blog takes a quick look at 4 different types of dynamic content that will help you solve your challenge or achieve your objective of increasing first time buyers.

What is dynamic content?

Dynamic content allows marketers to generate compelling emails and landing pages that are unique to the reader and can even be up to date from the moment the email is opened or the website is landed on.

The rules you set within your email marketing platform will allow you to highly tailor the content to the individual by tapping into behavioural data such as browser behaviour, preferences or contextual data such as weather, time to a sale and so on.

Real Time Banners

Perfect for grabbing attention on a brand’s website or email. Real-time banners showcase tailored messages and offers that are most relevant to the buyer. This could include product promotion in the categories most browsed. Or a tailored discount for a product that the buyer has had their eye on.

For instance, if a shopper is visiting a clothes website, but only views the women’s section. The homepage banner could be personalised to display women’s options, as opposed to men’s.

Product Recommendations

80% of consumers like to receive product recommendation emails based on past purchases. But this tactic is also great to encourage shoppers to finally make their first purchase.

Based on browse behaviour, product recommendations can showcase products based on the items and pages the shopper has viewed the most.

This could include a reminder of the product they were viewing, related and add-on products, or even alternative products that may be more tempting to them.

Countdown timers

Also adding a sense of urgency are countdown timers.

These are a fun and eye-catching use of dynamic content. And are perfect to promote sales and limited-time offers.

Like all other dynamic content, countdown timers refresh every time the shopper opens their email or refreshes a landing page. So they will always be viewing the correct amount of time before the sale or offer is over.

As well as adding a sense of urgency to make a purchase, countdown timers are incredibly visual, which helps to improve engagement.

Social Proof

Over 93% of consumers take online reviews into account when making a purchasing decision. And 60% of consumers look at online reviews every single week.

That means that reviews, whether they are positive or negative, have a big impact on a business’s sales.

That’s why brands are recommended to regularly seek out reviews from their customer base. And consumers are increasingly contacted to leave ratings, reviews, and feedback on their recent purchases.

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