How to get a 15% click through rate

While email click through rates can be quite industry dependent, there are certain best practices that can help any business improve their email marketing results. That’s why this blog is going to show you how you can get a 15% click through rate. Whether from opt-in data (who usually show score 2.5% click through) or purchased data (sub 1% click through), it just takes a few key changes. Here we go.

Your email has two seconds to live in the inbox

With an influx of emails and ever-shortening attention spans, your email only has 2 seconds to get your prospects attention. Tricky as it may seem, it is possible. You just need to make sure your 3 key attributes get their attention.

These include:

  1. Your from address.
  2. Your subject line
  3. Your preview/preheader

Your from address

Who you send your email campaigns from is vital to improving your conversion rate. It’s all about your company brand at an individual relationship level. For example, most prospects will ignore business emails such as, even if they know the business. They will be more likely to click on the email if it is sent (or appears to be sent) from a personal email address.

A great example of this was the Democratic election in America. You are unlikely to recognise the logo on its own, but I’d put money on your recognising a photograph of Barack Obama. It was the most successful marketing campaign of the moment and the front and centre is the person, not logo.

Your subject line

The second part of your email that is going to get attention is your subject line. In short, (like 6 words or so) you need to share with your recipient what’s in it for them. The more relevant your title is to the recipient, the more likely they are to open it.

For example, which one reaches out to you more?

  1. Download our whitepaper, or
  2. Here is your whitepaper on X (X being a topic that appeals to you)

Including the word ‘you’, ‘your’, how to’s and numbers will all encourage the reader that the email is about – and relevant to – them.

Your preview header

As well as your subject line, your preview will give your prospect a sneak peak into the email. From there, they can decide if they think what you’re offering is personal and relevant. That’s why it’s essential your first sentence is personal and enticing, along with matching your subject line topic.

Once you’ve brought them altogether, you have an email campaign that strikes a right note with your readers on a more personal and interactive level.

Sender: Aaron Yates

Subject: Your BMW contract

First 2 lines: Hi Lee, we wanted to let you know that your BMW contract finished on 31st October

How you can do this with email marketing?

Now that we’ve shared what you need to do to your 3 key attributes, you’re probably wondering how to make it happen within your own email marketing campaign, without tones of effort. Don’t worry, it’s simple. It’s all done within dynamic fields. The more sophisticated the email marketing platform you use, the more dynamic you can make your email content.

For example, within CommuniGator you can customise all of the key attributes we’ve discussed. This is what it would look like on the back end:

Dynamic sender alias: [Account Manager name]

Dynamic Subject Line: Your [VehicleMake] contract

First name personalisation: Hi [firstname]

Synced CRM data value: contract finises on [ContractEndDate]

Once you have all that in place, you can focus on what content you are sending in your email. Depending on what your recipients interact with in your email, you can also send a follow up email 2 days later with another email on the same subject. Perhaps it’s a heavier piece of content, a key feature page or something else…

We’ve used this method ourselves, along with the key attributes and seen our own nurture stream increase from a 3% click through rate to a 15%. Try it for yourself and see similar results!

Or start understanding the types of campaigns you can introduce with 5 workflows you should be using.

We’ve also created a separate guide for anyone looking to drastically improve their own marketing campaigns, check it out.


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