How to ensure your emails and landing pages make an impact

How many emails do you get a day? More than you can count. How many do you remember by the end of the day? Not many, I’m guessing. 

If you want to know the basic do’s and don’ts of emails, we’ve written some blogs giving you all the information you’ll need. However, if you, like us, are curious to find out what emails and landing pages stand out, you’ll want to continue reading this blog. 

We wanted to know what people really think about emails and landing pages, as well as what makes them memorable, so we teamed up with Katie Hart to investigate. 


In a post-research survey, we asked participants to recall email formats they were shown in the study. The most frequently recalled formats were the gif, with 36.78% of participants recalling it, and zig-zag (12.64% of participants). Despite not scoring well on metrics such as engagement, focus, or excitement, they are the most lasting formats. Neither of these formats seem to indicate a positive impact on recipients, yet they’re most likely to be remembered. This suggests that it isn’t always the most calming or exciting email that could be beneficial. 

Landing pages: 

Similarly, the most free-recalled landing page format was the page with a video, despite it scoring very low on performance metrics like engagement and interest. 37.93% of participants didn’t watch any of the videos and only 28.74% watched one video all the way to the end, yet 39% of people remembered the format by the end of the study.  

We also found a significant difference between recall of male images and female images. Participants were 9x more likely to recall the pages featuring males/groups than females/groups. During the study, male images were scored highest in EEG for interest, whereas female images were highest for stress. This strongly suggests we recall what we are interested in, rather than what we find challenging. 

Overall, the landing pages and emails that make an impact on your audience may not be the ones you expect, so to find out the effects of other email formats and landing pages, download our one of a kind experiment report here

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