How to drive more traffic to your website

Meet John, our typical business owner. John’s invested in a website, used all the best practices and still isn’t getting enough revenue from it. So we’re going to introduce John – and you – to marketing automation and how it drives lead generation.

First, John (and you) need to identify the 98% of website visitors that aren’t getting in contact.

You can do this with some website analytics tools, but we recommend IP lookup. It’s the most accurate way to see which companies and even individuals have visited your website. Identifying John’s web traffic alone won’t be enough, though. Only 50% will be interested in his business. 71% of those won’t be sales-ready the minute John gets in contact with him.

This is where marketing automation comes in.

John, you need to face facts. Most people, including your website visitors, don’t want to talk to a salesperson. They’re pushy, demanding and won’t shut up. Usually. The good news is, website visitors that are interested in your business can be persuaded. Just not by you.

With marketing automation, you can nurture your interested leads by providing them with information relevant to their buyer journey. You can do this with any number of marketing techniques. From a welcome email campaign to an automated newsletter update or inviting them to an event you are hosting. Even just connecting with them on social media can enhance your business relationship.

But because no one person has time to do all this for every single individual website lead, you need a system that can do it all for you. You need marketing automation. Used correctly, you can automate any marketing activity, warm up your identified website leads and then pass to sales (when they are ready!) to close the deal.

Don’t believe us, John? Start implementing some of these killer workflows seen here to maximise your lead generation strategy!

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