How to build Brad: your marketing automation robot

We’ve all seen Brian, the robot on our screens. But have you met Brad, his marketing automation brother? Brian became successful for a number of marketing techniques. But how do you think Brian deals with all that attention? With Brad.

What you need to know about Brad

Brad is your marketing automation robot. He runs a series of interactions in the background of your website to make sure your website visitors are interacting with your website and moving through a user journey as smoothly as possible. Yes, Brad does have multiple arms. He juggles multiple email campaigns and workflow paths to make sure each one of your individual web visitors gets the information they want once they’ve come from your marketing campaigns.

How to build your own Brad

This article, and Brad, isn’t just a pretty analogy we’ve decided to write a blog post about either. You can create your own Brad. There are just a few key cogs and functions you need to put in place and you can have your own Brad for your website.

1. Website Identification

Firstly, Brad needs to know who is on your website and what they are looking at in order to provide them with the right information. By seeing what they are interacting with, Brad can judge how interested they are in your business and move them through the sales pipeline on your behalf. (Brad uses a combination of lead generation, tracking and scoring to achieve this.)

2. A Content Management System

Your content management system is Brad’s brain. It has all the information that Brad needs about your business. From key feature pages to blog posts and pricing information. It’s all right there for Brad to access whenever he needs a certain piece of information to convince a lead.

3. Email Marketing

Brad doesn’t have the ability to get on the phone and convince your website leads to buy, which is why he sends them a number of emails. Due to the large volume of website leads and different email campaigns Brad can use, these are automated. Think of Brad as your postman that delivers every hour, on the hour.

4. Website Analytics

At the end of the day, you need to see how well Brad is performing. He is much a part of your team as the humans. Using analytics that track how well website leads are interacting with Brad gives you an indication of any factory settings on Brad that you need to change.

At CommuniGator, we’ve created over a thousand Brad’s. There isn’t anyone we’d recommend for your business more if you’re looking into marketing automation.

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