How to apply the 4 L’s of Lead Generation

Heard about the 4 L’s of Lead Generation? No? Well, here’s what they are and how they can change the way your business is generating new opportunities.

The L in lead generation focuses on the 4 essential L words that will allow you to score, attract, seize and convert as many possible leads into sales as possible. Take a look for yourself.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is seen by many as the most important step in the buyer journey to a sale ready client. It involves ranking your leads depending on their engagement in the website. This results in the identification of hot and cold leads.

Hot leads are the ones worth following up – well done, your lead attracting, lead seizing and landing page conversions methods worked! For the cold leads that don’t seem to be buying into it (at least 50% of your web traffic on average), we’ve got the other three L’s to convince them.

Lead with the Laws of Attraction

An important part of the process is attracting your leads in the first place…and then attracting them back! From a potential lead visiting your website to a sale being made, there is a whole journey between that process. Your goal is fill in the gaps with the help of lead magnets!

Lead magnets include offers of free trials, discounts, free content (whitepapers, webinars etc.) to hook their interest. Through your consistent offers and informative content, their interest will be retained. These lead magnets should be exchanged in return for their contact details.

Lead and Seize

The aim of Lead and Seize? Well, it’s in the name! The aim is to capture and seize potential leads for lead generation. A key way to do this is to get the email of your website visitor.

Once you have their email, avoid using the standard ‘Sign up here!’ call-to-action that many visitors will dodge, thinking you’re spam. Instead, offer them something first or ask for their opinion on something. Offers like this will spark their interest more than just a sales pitch email.

Without obtaining that crucial email address, you have no hope of moving forward in their buying process unless they get in contact with you.

Landing Page Conversion

Landing pages are a great way to instantly capture leads, and then warm them up to be sales ready! If they want information, these landing pages are where you should send them.

Landing pages are separate from your website, and should not be confused with your website’s home page. Typically landing pages are product pages that inform your lead about what they need to know. Simply send them a personalised URL with the link and you’ll then be able to track if they’ve looked at that information and other any pages they go to after that.

Eat, sleep, lead, repeat. Now you know what the 4Ls are all about, go and apply them! With these 4 methods, you will see a rise in your lead generation.

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