6 Ways Surveys Can Encourage Engagement in your Marketing Campaigns

You may not make the connection at first, but surveys are a great tool for encouraging customer engagement. Besides increasing brand awareness and improving the way your audiences perceive your brand, using targeted and relevant surveys is a great way to gain new customers. When done right, gathering insights from your respondents works as an effective tool for increasing prospect and customer engagement. In fact, when a survey is well-executed and the respondent population is motivated, response rates can soar past 85% according to SurveyGizmo.com.

The foundation of brand growth is dependent on several factors; two of these factors are increasing exposure and aligning with the needs of the market. Digging deeper and eliciting data from your customers achieves this. Surveys are one of the most effective avenues of achieving marketing campaign success.

Let’s take a look at a list of 5 key benefits that surveys could bring to your marketing processes in an effort to increase engagement with your audiences.

Keeps your brand top-of-mind with consumers

A big part of staying top-of-mind with customers involves regular communication. Customers make buying decisions every day based on who comes to mind first. When you send out surveys to your respondents, what you are actually doing is sending them a reminder that you are still there listening to their needs and are available to provide the best solution.

Offer incentives

Enticing your customers to respond to your surveys with incentives is a good way to give them a nudge that you’re there to help. Incentives encourage people to be helpful and often gives them the desire, to be honest with their answers. By offering a prize after the completion of a survey, respondents will remember that it was your brand that made the offer.

Provides value

When you conduct surveys, you are showing your respondents that you are interested in their opinion so that you can improve the quality of your product and brand. Asking questions could be construed as a sign that you value the opinion of your customers and want to improve your offer to fill a need or a void in their lives.

Reaching the right audience

Top performers are sending out surveys in segments. Depending on buyer personas and company profiles, best-in-class companies know whom to target with which questions. When they send out their surveys to targeted respondents, the recipients see that the questions are personalised. Personalisation goes a long way and that’s how top performers are reaching out to their audiences and inadvertently strengthening the relationship with their prospects and customers.

Works as part of a marketing strategy

A simple email with your branding in your recipient’s email box works as a reminder that you are there and are available to meet the needs of the customer. All you have to do is flash your brand in front of your prospects and it works as a quick reminder that you are there. And when it comes to reminders, sending a quick email is an effective way to increase response rates.

Using social media to conduct surveys

In order to get more responses from your prospects and customers, a good place to publish your survey is on social media. This could elevate your social media activities to a whole new level. Whether it’s a one question online poll or a full online survey, social media is a great way to engage with your customers. More than that, you could use surveys for lead generation via social media as well. A new follower might turn out to be your customer solely based on your efforts to get customers engaged with surveys.

Thinking about sending a survey? Find out the do’s and don’ts first!

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