How could AI help to achieve more targeted digital marketing?

Better targeting of digital marketing is a key goal for many organisations. It not only enables marketing efforts to be more effective, generating more impressive ROI, but also helps to ensure legal compliance and strengthen relationships with customers. There are two key ways in which AI has a significant role to play in this process: personalisation and optimising key functions.

Using AI in the process of personalisation

Personalised digital marketing is simply more effective. It enables brands to create accurate, concise marketing messages that have relevance to the individual that they are directed at. In effect, we are seeing the end of the age of generic marketing communication where a single message or product was the focus of each campaign. Today, instead of a single message going out to a very wide segment of consumers, AI enables marketers to drill down and diversify campaigns so that they are more focused and streamlined. Everything, from a customer’s purchase history to social data and customer profiles can be processed by AI to create an accurate picture of that customer’s mindset – and how a brand can get through to them.

The role of data and analytics

Data and segmenting have a big role to play in the process of using AI to achieve more targeted digital marketing. Analytics, for example, can be used to help identify an audience and then to break it down into specific, well-informed segments that will make digital marketing targeting more accurate. The breadth of data available will give brands the opportunity to craft messaging that has been carefully personalised based on actual behaviours, preferences or history for an individual consumer, as opposed to predictions and guesswork. It can also have a role to play in determining when digital marketing messages are delivered – and how to use timing to make them more effective.

Optimising key functions

AI can also bring operational improvements to a business, from saving costs through to streamlining the processes that are involved in marketing and PR. AI can be used to personalise content creation, for example, so the investment in content improves because engagement levels rise. In general, integrating AI into key operational functions will give the business the opportunity to create more efficient processes, to more effectively measure results and also to provide simple ways to scale up as demand requires.

AI and customer services

Customer service is another crucial element for businesses and has many points of integration with digital marketing – for example, where positive customer service reviews can be used as marketing materials. AI is about to change the way that we operate when it comes to customer service, introducing tools such as voice recognition-based virtual assistants and chatbots that provide conversational interfaces for customer requests and queries that have a great deal more personalisation capacity and efficiency.

The AI revolution is likely to change the way that digital marketing is targeted and make results much easier to achieve.

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