How can I make my website work more strategically?

Customers tracked on your website generally return a number of times before, and after, making a purchase. There are numerous analytics packages that tell you the amount of traffic and the pages that have been viewed most, but fewer that tell you the company they are from, their location and the specific actions taken in each visit to your site.

One of the major trends with analytics today is to move away from merely providing numerical information such as visits and clicks, towards using IP lookup software technology or integration with email and social platforms to identify the people and companies that are on your site. Once the identity has been established further information can be established such as customer journey analysis and the time spent on specific pages that indicate the level of interest of particular content to that visitor specifically.

GatorLeads provides the sessions option that allows you to view the pages have been viewed in each session; allowing you to start mapping your customers’ journey on your website. This is particularly interesting information as it really highlights planning issues that may not have been considered thoroughly when building the website. It can lead to asking important questions such as whether there are clear paths which you are leading customers. Or whether the customers are then following these paths.

These questions have helped clients achieve ROI on their marketing activities. The information gathered has led to clients building and amending their website in order to make it work in a more strategic manner. A website shouldn’t just be a storage space where all the company’s content is kept it should be used as a strategic tool which drives visitors towards the actions that you would like them to take.

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