Guest Blog: Adroit’s 5 Email Marketing Top Tips

Adroit Data & Insight help their clients to make their marketing more effective by converting results data into strategic insights.

For their own marketing efforts, Adroit take advantage of Spotler’s Gator Creator feature to make dynamic, eye-catching emails. In this guest blog, their Digital Marketing Assistant, Chloe White, shares what they’ve learned in the process.

What is your subject line?

Arguably, the most important part of email marketing is the subject line. A punchy, personalised subject line could set you apart from the rest of the competition inside the inbox.

A popular way to capture your audience’s attention is to include a time-sensitive topic, that could include either a discount or event. Additionally, ‘mysterious’ subject lines such as ‘don’t open this email’ or ‘Shhh’ entice attention as users want to open and find out what the email is about.

What is the purpose of the email?

Although your audience has already shown an interest in your brand by opting into your emails, it is important not to abuse this power. Your emails should be sent with a purpose. It is imperative that you know why you are sending marketing emails to your customer and more importantly, why the content you’re sending will be relevant to them.

Recycle your email marketing content

Furthermore, give your audience a second chance to see the content they may have missed. A short snippet at the bottom of your email could give your old content a new life. You could use information from a past email, a new product, or a recent blog post. This quick, easy email marketing tip could give your customers or clients another chance to read the content as it may be more relevant to them now than it was the first time around.

Have a clear Call To Action (CTA)

In our experience, too many Call-To-Actions could have an adverse effect. To put this into context, if there are too many buttons or links, the customer may click nothing at all. Therefore, having one clear call to action is key. Make the customer journey as quick and simple as possible to achieve the best results.

Measure your email marketing success

Finally, one of the most important parts of your email marketing structure is reporting on the results. Check your results, during and after every campaign to not only ensure that it works for the customer but to see what you could improve or replicate next time.

The top-level results, such as open rates, clicks and click-through rates are very important, but Adroit advise that you go beyond these to analyse the results. What were your goals for the email? Can you show how the goals were met with the email results? Also, what content are people clicking?

For example, buttons may work better than hyperlinks. On the other hand, hyperlinks may work better for some audiences as people are programmed to click the blue link. With all of these insights, you can begin to understand your customers to eventually bring them down your sales funnel. With this being said, Adroit can give you more in-depth results to improve your brands targeting.

Reporting has never been easier with Spotler’s GatorMail feature.

What’s next?

Are you getting these kind of insights from your current ESP? If not, speak to us today about how Spotler could help you power up your marketing efforts.

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