Great Gator Dater: 5 Triggered Workflows to win the hearts of customers

Being new to the dating game seems like somewhat of a task, there are rules. There’s etiquette and a whole other raft of politics that come hand in hand, but it’s an important part of life! Something we can all relate to in some way shape or form. Workflows within your marketing strategy are no different. They’re essential in the development of the relationship with your customers and potential partners. Below are 5 tips and tricks in creating website triggered workflows you can apply not only your marketing automation but your dating life too!

“It’s a Match!” Workflow

It’s a match! Your potential customer has made their way to your website, they swiped right by subscribing to something you’re offering or signing up to a webinar. They like what they see, but don’t get complacent. Get this contact cookied and follow their behaviour. If there is no direct communication and engagement from the off, you’re unlikely to see any spark from that match. Get in there! Send them that offer you’ve been hiding under your belt, acknowledge them for showing some interest with a simple thank you and a blog which reels them in further. Be intriguing! Most importantly, make them feel special.

“Getting to know you” Workflow

That first few weeks is always the best, isn’t it? You’re getting to know each other, understanding what each other like and don’t like. Apply this concept to your workflow and get your customer excited about what you have to offer.

Have they nibbled a little? Downloaded a whitepaper or created a free account? Maybe even requested a demo or test run. Follow this up with sending them case studies of other successful relationships or a whitepaper to help them make a decision. Send them content relevant to what they have been interested in. Making sure the customer knows they can’t live without you. They need what you’ve got!

Remember, the Psychology of Risk, your consumer’s brain needs all the information possible in order to make an informed decision. Give them all the information they could possibly want, and they WILL choose you.

“Convert to Dating” Workflow

As every Marketer and Salesperson will understand, there are certain behaviours exhibited by a customer which shows more product interest than others. You need to keep your prospect invested in your brand, keep them coming back for more this will assist you in turning your leads into an MQL (marketing qualified lead). Much like dating, you can’t neglect your partner, or they will lose interest and put themselves back on the market. You don’t want the spark to fizzle out.

“Special Date” Workflow

It’s your date’s Birthday. No matter how long you have been dating, you must mark this special occasion somehow. In a B2B world, we suggest you mark your customers’ year anniversaries with a triggered email campaign. We call this a Gatorversary. Do you see what we did there? This shows your appreciation and sets you apart from the crowd. For this, you can use the data within your CRM to trigger an email to your ever-faithful customers. Keeping your retention high and customers feeling loved.

“Post Honeymoon Re-engagement” Workflow

Your squeeze hasn’t messaged you in a few days… They are rarely checking out your page anymore. This is not the time to take a step back. Your customer is just in need of some re-engagement. Be needy, set conditions that measure their last website visit to trigger a campaign. Forget the games, reel them back in, with an invite to a seminar or a whitepaper, something they’ve shown interest in, in the past. This brings them back into the fold and reminds them of what they’re missing out on.

Let your prospects feel the love

Building a strong relationship with your prospects needs more than just going through the motions. But what these triggered workflows do is keep things moving at key points, so you can tailor your one-on-one interactions, knowing that you’re not letting anyone feel forgotten.

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