GatorLeads Feature: Insights

GatorLeads Insights feature is a powerful and extremely useful addition to the CommuniGator platform. Insights is able to show you the companies who have visited your website, segmented by geographical location, industry type, company size and traffic source, displayed in easy to use analyse graphs.

By being able to drill down and gain further, more detailed information on the companies who have been on your website, means that you can get an accurate reading of the companies on your website by industry, company size and location that are interested in your products or services. From here you can profile your prospects and website visitors, allowing you to create effective targeted marketing campaigns.

Website insights also means that you can review which industries, locations, company sizes and traffic sources are the most popular and profitable for you and decide on which ones may need more attention and areas where more awareness could be created, or even where less attention could be focused. This really does allow you to get an excellent idea of your businesses “ideal prospect lead” and tailor more specific, appealing pages to them.

Many businesses have specific sales people who look after or specialise in particular industry sectors, certain locations or company sizes, GatorLeads insights gives you the option to assign potential leads which have been identified by CommuniGator directly to the relevant sales person. This ensures that each lead is dealt with by the person with the highest level of expertise, maximising your ROI.

See for yourself in our GatorLeads demo video.

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