GatorCon2017: Interview with Leigh Hopwood, Chair of Board, Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

I had a chat with Leigh Hopwood, Chair at CIM ahead of this years’ Customer Conference. Leigh is kind of a big deal in the marketing world. She’s been a member of the CIM since 1997, Chartered Marketer since 2001 the Chair of Surrey, the South East, and on the Board of Trustees. She’s now the elected Chair of the Board, and has been for last year with two more years to go!!

Leigh also runs her own marketing consultancy AND manages to fit all that around being a mum to 9-year-old twins. I mean, my head is spinning just thinking about it.

You’ve a whole wealth of knowledge, it’s hard to know where to begin picking your brain! I guess, let’s start with what key topics will you be discussing at our conference?

Leigh: With Brexit and GDPR causing uncertainty, marketing has been thrown into the spotlight. Once you get past the scaremongering, it presents a strong opportunity for businesses that are ready.

I hear from marketers in the B2B world who fit into two camps: some are burying their head in the sand and others are looking to embrace the opportunity.

You see, it’s a great time to review your customer experience and prove the value that marketing, done well, can add. I’ll be talking in more depth about that on 16th November, so I won’t give away too much right now!

Can’t wait to hear more on that! Any other snippets you can tell us, or is it this the teaser??

Leigh: Sure, I’ll elaborate a little more! The question is, are marketers ready? So, I’ll explore the key skills that modern marketers should be looking to improve. And how continuous learning keeps you at the height of your game.

Plus, I’ll share how marketers can take advantage of their ‘big data’. It’s something that many marketers know they should be analysing, but are not sure where to start, or what they are looking for.

And of course, I’ll finish by talking about the upcoming marketing trends for 2018, fresh from the digital summit.

Thanks for your time Leigh! I’m certainly looking forwarding to your presentation. It sounds incredibly insightful, can’t wait to see you on the 16th November.

Join us at our Customer Conference to hear what Leigh and the CIM predict for the future of marketing. Have a look at the full agenda and book your tickets here.

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