GatorCon2017: Interview with Glen Westlake, CEO of Bright Target

I caught up with Glen Westlake the CEO of BrightTarget. We discussed artificial intelligence and marketing ahead of this years’ Customer Conference.

Artificial intelligence is such a broad term. What’s BrightTarget’s approach?

Glen: We use machine learning to establish patterns in your marketing to predict engagement. From this data, we can assess campaign success, how likely a customer is to renew, and which leads are likely to convert. We don’t just analyse emails though; we can track all touch points you collect data on. But, in this instance, we’ll stick to emails. Using your data, we look at:

– Email structure (images, links)
– Language used (assessing readability)
– Subject lines

Sounds interesting, Glen, you say it’s about more than emails though. What else can BrightTarget look at?

Glen: We can also analyse your customer data to predict buying habits. Through this we find patterns in behaviour, like if a customer buys X in May, will they buy product Y in September.

We can look at which products make a customer stickier, for example, customers with X and Y always renew, whereas customers with W and Z tend to cancel.

We analyse your data in addition to other datasets from similar customers (based on industry). We then use ‘Look-Alike’ to assess and predict what could happen based on historic data. This is prospect profiling.

This also helps us determine which of your leads are most likely to convert, so you don’t waste your time chasing the wrong ones.

Something we can get on-board with! What will you be talking about at #GatorCon2017?
I’ll be talking about how you and your customers can make use of artificial intelligence. As you’ll know, it’s a big buzzword in marketing right now, and a lot of marketers don’t think it’s something they can use.

I want to make sure your customers know it’s accessible to everyone. If they’re tracking their campaigns, they can harness the power of AI!

Look forward to seeing you on 16th November, Glen, thanks for your time!

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