GatorCon2017: Interview with Alex Ilhan, Senior Email Developer at Email On Acid

Email On Acid is a solution that allows you to check how your campaigns render in over 70 clients, apps and devices. As a CommuniGator customer, you are likely to have used EOA via our Inbox Checker tool.

So, working for Email On Acid you’re amongst the #EmailGeeks elite! Tell me, how did you get to work there?

Alex: I started out as a junior HTML developer, and like most people, sort of fell into email. I’m now devoted though, and I haven’t looked back! It’s such a fast-moving channel, with constant changes. As a developer for a testing software, we have to keep up with that.

The job satisfaction is essential. I enjoy being at the forefront of email, testing a lot of new trends and devices way ahead of many other developers. Plus the research we put in comes back fast, which keeps things exciting.

Must feel pretty intense though, sending emails for a company that preaches perfection!

Alex: You’re telling me! Attention to detail is key here, so it’s quite a high-pressure place to work in some ways, but I enjoy that. The challenges are fresh and interesting. For example, Gmail is now supporting CSS, and we’re looking at the new iOS and screen sizes for the latest iPhones.

A lot of what I do is thought leadership and supporting our customers, too. Lots of questions about interactive email, coding without tables, and as always, accessibility. You’ve got to be on your toes all the time, prepared to find fixes.

I’ll bet! So, what will you be talking about at #GatorCon2017?

Alex: My talk is called ‘Email is Tough’, and it’s about the challenges that email marketing presents. I’ll be debunking some of the common myths and looking at a variety of email clients. I’ll also be giving you some quick, actionable tips that could improve your campaigns.

Sounds exciting! From one email geek to another, thanks for your time. I’m looking forward to seeing your talk and what other pearls of wisdom you have for us and our customers. See you on the 16th November.

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