GatorCon18: Award Winners Interview

Our GatorCon18 Award winners were all deserving of their awards, having achieved impressive feats in marketing, from extremely high numbers of form fills, to a fantastic performing subject line. We spoke to a few of our winners to get their thoughts on winning the prize, and how they achieved exactly that.

But first, let’s look at exactly who the winners were!

Most Form Fills: Iconic Digital

Best Client in a Support(ed) Role: FD Centre

Most Engaged Audience: Greenblue Urban

Best Subject Line: Shaw Trust

Most Cookied Contacts: Russell Publishing

Best Average CTR: Adroit Best average CTR

Hot Chilli Award: Brigade Electronics

Best-Planned Customer Journey: Aspermont

Let’s see what our winners had to say:


First up, FD Centre’s Matt Booth on winning the Best Client in a Support(ed) Role.

Were you surprised to win the Best Client in a Support(ed) Role award?

Having won this award in 2017 we thought, would we retain our title? We didn’t think we had logged as many tickets as in 2017, so yes, we were surprised!

Having logged so many tickets, what were the most common problems you came into contact with?

We are based in 16 countries globally, and a number of those have their own Instance within CommuniGator. Therefore, we have a large number of emails being sent out to prospects across the world. This meant we encountered issues with audiences pulling across from our Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. We also have a specific way of setting up our email campaigns usually, but in 2018 we were looking at trialling some different workflows. By branching out like this, we thus needed help from the Support team to get the workflows up and running.

How did the support team help you resolve your issues?

The support team were great on two fronts. Firstly, if it was an urgent issue, they would do their utmost to get the issue sorted on the phone there and then. Secondly, if we needed something explaining then they are always happy and helpful to arrange a video call to go through and explain new features/solutions.

What feedback do you have on the resolution and help you received?

The Support team are always friendly, good speed of response, and they go that extra mile to help and are respectful whatever the issue may be.


Next up, we’ve got Nick Jackson’s insights on how Russell Publishing managed to swipe the Cookie award for most cookied contacts in GatorLeads.

Were you surprised to win the Cookie award?

Yes, very surprised, especially as we’d only been using GatorLeads for about 6 months!

How did you go about getting so many cookied contacts?

Russell Publishing is a media company, with in excess of 200,000 subscribers across six industry sectors. We send a variety of emails promoting our magazines, events, webinars, content etc. Every time someone clicks through to our websites they are cookied, which enables us to collect data about the content they are reading.

We also track every single page on each of our websites, which adds up to millions of page views every year. We do this because GatorLeads allows us to capture the category of the content being viewed. All this data is then automatically synchronised with Workbooks CRM, and combined with the other data in the system, enables us to build a picture of what types of content each of our readers is engaging with, and then target our sales and marketing activity accordingly.


And finally, Lynette Stewart from Aspermont explained her feelings on being awarded the Best-Planned Customer Journey 2018, for their welcome series for new subscribers encouraging people to renew their magazine subscriptions.

Were you surprised to get ‘Best-Planned Customer Journey 2018’?

Yes! I thought we could have been in with a chance of getting the award for ‘most tickets’ raised while putting it together!

Do you use the Workflow tool a lot in your marketing?

We’re ramping up the use of Workflow across our brands for both our subscriber customer lifecycle, and to warm up new business prospects. We’d eventually like to get to the position of different journeys based on content-type interaction, so we’re starting the process of categorising our links to help with this.

Did a lot of planning go into your customer journey, and how did you produce the final journey?

The journey was based off an older version we had so the work wasn’t as extensive as starting from scratch. However, because CommuniGator has more capabilities than our predecessor, we’re able to add more complexity to the journey, (hopefully) making it more effective.

What advice would you give a new comer to the workflow tool?

Map out your ideal journey on paper – including wait times and notifications. Leverage features like notifications, scoring and campaign behaviour to make your journey more effective as well.

Each of our award winners came through with something special that we can all learn from. We love celebrating our customers’ successes and sharing the hints and tips for getting the absolute most out of the product. These awards are a great reminder of the variety of objectives that can be achieved through the platform, and different ways to measure your success. Let us know if you’ve had a particular achievement you want to celebrate!

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