Email marketers can decipher the best time to send their marketing messages by creating a profile of their average consumer, an industry expert has claimed.

Georgia Christian, who is the editor of an online marketing service, stated that there is no ideal time to send an email marketing email but companies can improve their success by working out when their target audience is most likely to be online.

Christian explained that professionals were likely to have different web-viewing habits than students or retired people so it was important to have an accurate knowledge of who was being sent email marketing messages.

In an article for, she explained the best way to go about this was to create an email preference centre.

She said: “A preference centre allows subscribers to dictate what emails they receive and how often they receive them (which puts them in control and takes the guessing work out of it for you.)

“The added bonus is that they’re also encouraged to include personal information about themselves, such as gender, profession, location etc., which means you can start segmenting straight away.”

An article from has claimed that email marketing software which can work out when an audience is most likely to be online will be available in the near future.